What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope

Spring rolls: chicken, lettuce, cilantro, green onions + peanut sauce with garlic and hoisin.

Miniature store-bought cupcakes for dessert.

Barbecue, cole slaw, au gratin potatoes and a slice of banana cream Dream Pie for dessert.

Man, iced animal crackers are better than they have a right to be.

I finally ran out of leftover fried chicken, so it was just a ham sandwich with mustard before band practice.

Roasted salmon with air fryer green beans. Served with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Last night I made Pepper Steak with a small filet steak. I snatch up the filets when they are on manager special and freeze them.

Tonight I’m going to try a new recipe from The Pioneer Woman - Italian Sausage Pasta with broccolini.

Tell me about it. It’s no coincidence that the word “crack” is part of the name.

Last night:

Chili with a dollop of sour cream, chicken cordon bleu eggrolls and a glass of Truth IPA. Later, a hunk o’ Vermont Country Store maple walnut fudge with a glass of cold milk.

Cheesy tuna noodle casserole, tossed salad , sourdough bread.

Ragu, made with beef short ribs and San Marzano tomatoes. The meat is seared and the veggies are sautéing, and the house smells bellissimo. This dish is so damn good.

Oh man, @Chefguy that sound amazing!

I’m just having some leftover beer-cheese-sausage soup, and am kind of bummed about it. Three days of the same soup. Time to freeze the rest and move on.

Need more info. Please.

Am familiar with chickie cordon bleu. Am familiar with egg rolls.

But how … ? What … ?

Dinner for me was an unholy melange tonight, courtesy of a need for comfort food.

  • Butter toasted corn flakes. Exactly what they sound like. Based off corn-flake-coated-baked-chicken from the back of the cereal box, originally made one horribly dark night when I had neither desire for, nor access to, chicken.
    Goddamn, but they’re good.

  • Pesto pasta. Pesto courtesy of a Knorr packet, cooked in a big Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave. Doctored up with Italian seasoning, and some diced (frozen precooked) chicken.

  • Two frozen crab cakes. Last from a box, they were the sad, forgotten orphans in my freezer until I had a craving for seafood.
    Baked with an unreasonable amount of butter and jarred diced garlic.

… also a multivitamin.

Heheh, part of me was kind of curious about what you meant for a moment, then I realized this was basically the home made equivalent of the “fried nothings” you get with pretty much everything from Long John Silver’s. Then I also realized, it’s basically also the corn flakes only, fewer spices version of Chex mix. Damn, now I’m hungry for Chex mix, and the commercial version sucks. Luckily, we’re near the time where I won’t be thought of as crazy if I buy a bunch of boxes of cereal to make snack mix from.

Tonight was a quick frozen Trader Joe’s Kung Pao chicken pouch. Nothing too fantastic, but I am pretty surprised at how good they are, and not too hard to prepare (if you don’t have a non-stick skillet handy, use about twice the recommend oil). If I was going to spruce it up, I’d add more peanuts and maybe some scallions at the end.

Been welded to the desk and Mrs mollusc has been working so HEB rotisserie chicken and roasted potatoes covered in aji molido, aka ground pepper flakes.

We have been wineless for a few days, but a friend did bring down a couple of bottles of High West Rendevous Rye ( bootlegging whiskey out of Utah to Texas is a thing now ) so sipping slowly on that trying to find inspiration to fill out another pointless spreadsheet. But on the flipside through the clarity of vision given by a fine rye, 2028 revenue looks much better.

Pub grub. The chef there likes to experiment.

Last night we had the last two bowls of chicken noodle kale yam soup. I made everything salads (using up everything that could possibly go in a salad).

It was a lousy day, so I had a big glass of vodka on ice with dinner.

Dinner of champions, dude!

{ hands Kayaker some Gatorade }

Today will be cheeseburgers, English beans, and some fruit.

No idea what I’m making tonight. I have to inventory the freezer and veggie drawer.

BUT: night before last I made this dish with hamburger that originally called for Italian sausage, because I was out of sausage. Ingredients included bow-tie pasta, broccolini, halved cherry tomatoes, lemon zest and juice, red pepper flakes, fresh oregano and basil. And beef stock and grated parmesan and instead of ricotta, I sprinkled on mozzarella. Crazy, but SO good.

Last night I made brown butter boneless pork chops with cheesy polenta and homemade apple/pear sauce.

Big stew in the Dutch oven, cooking outside on a very nice evening, glass of Malbec ( the stew needed it) , amazon music mellow folk station on the tv and chilling with the Mrs while we wait for it to fully cook.

Salut all.

A loaf of crusty bread, with various accompaniments: roasted garlic, an assortment of cheeses and slices tomato, and some prosciutto.
I have a tin of smoked tuna and lemons’n’capers if I get ambitious enough.

An appetizer plate of Camembert, sliced apples, crackers, and some ginger-cranberry goat cheese.

Main course was turkey breast cutlets that were marinated in a ginger/chili pepper sauce, served with roasted sweet potatoes/turnips/carrots/parsnips.

Served with dark chocolate almond milk and vodka.