What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope

Tonight, dinner at Casa Needscoffee will be:
-Victory Inside-Out Eggrolls in a Bowl
-Inauguration Asparagus sautéed with garlic
-Winning White Wine toast
-and a big serving of calmness for a change.

Hope this doesn’t jinx anything…

Here, it’s one of my family’s favorite standards that I make: something akin to Halal-cart style chicken. I even went a step beyond today and cooked up some Turkish lentil soup to go with it. I don’t expect the kids to go for the lentil soup (young kids are so picky and set in their ways!), but at least they’ll enjoy the chicken and rice.

How do you make your Halal-cart style chicken? (We don’t have that in my neck if the woods)

It’s pretty straightforward and adaptable. I actually first found the recipe referenced here on the Dope:

I usually use a schwarma spice mix from the Middle Eastern grocery instead of the oregano & coriander, but sometimes I do the original recipe. I also cut the sugar in the sauce down to 1 teaspoon for my tastes, and add garlic to it (today I also added the greens from a scallion. I also like cilantro instead of parsley, but today I only had parsley around). And that reminds me, I usually also make a spicy red sauce for myself to go with it. Gotta hop to it!

Thanks, puly!

Tonight was Chicken Divan and McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive biscuits with an oatmeal cookie stout.

Last night was Cuban Black Beans served over rice. I found the recipe in a @Broomstick thread and have been making it every few weeks since then.

I’ll have some for lunch the next few days, then my gf will take what’s left and turn it into soup.

I believe it was this thread specifically with the Cuban Black Beans.

Home alone (except for the cats) since Mrs. L.A. is in the hospital, so I made ground beef with broccoli, garlic salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes, with mayonnaise. I’m also having some red wine, though I won’t drink too much in case I need to go pick up Mrs. L.A.

Tuesday I decided I wanted to eat more braised pork shoulder on flour tortillas (been eating them since Sunday, but I wanted more). So I prepared the starter for the tortilla recipe in the 2020 thread, stuck it in the fridge overnight, and pulled it out when I started work on Wednesday and finished them after dinner. We had dressed up frozen pizza Wednesday night, but snacked on splitting a fresh hot tortilla after I got done making them.

We ended up both either eating some plain tortillas or making a taco as a quick addition or substitute for breakfast or lunch today. We also had braised pork shoulder quesadillas for dinner. So, I think we have 2 tortillas left after 24 hours. I’m pretty proud, even if I haven’t perfected flipping a stretchy flour tortilla over so it’s perfectly round when I get done.

Ok, after typing all of that, I couldn’t stop myself. We have 1.33 tortillas left now. Mmm, flour tortillas made with coconut milk and coconut oil are the best. I’ll make more soon, but the rest of the pork shoulder is frozen, for now.

Inside-Out Eggrolls in a Bowl were finally made tonight. They were delicious! Better than any deep-fried eggrolls I’ve had. Chocolate chip cookie for dessert lest I feel too virtuous from the main course.

Yes!! @not_what_you_d_expect shared the recipe.

I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it.

Some day we may have to talk about Ropa Vieja. :yum:

NY strip here tonight, and potato salad. Probably snap peas as the other side.

Stir fry tonight - chicken, water chestnuts, mushrooms, and home-grown chard over brown rice.

Sloppy Joes and air fryer French fries.

Leftover deconstructed egg rolls.

Using some of the frozen tomatoes from this summer’s bumper harvest to make marinara. When I had waaaay to many tomatoes coming off the vines, I blanched them, removed the peels, and then laid them out on a cookie sheet in the freezer until solid, then into a ziploc. Today is lightly saute some shallots and garlic, add the toms and wait and see. Probably make some meatballs to go with, along with some fettuccini.

Interesting, discourse doesn’t like saute, but is fine with fettuccini.

Last night I did a steak with brown rice and a couple of apples for dessert.

Today I finished off the chicken stir fry leftovers for lunch.

For dinner it’s either

  • Steak and sweet potatoes
  • Black bean tacos
  • Chicken soup

Hey folks, which one do you suggest I choose? (Not that I’m guaranteeing to make the same choice, just curious how the question gets answered).

I’d be inclined to go with the chicken soup, cuz it’s a rousing 20 degrees outside here.