What's for lunch?

Vegemite sandwiches (sort of – actually English muffin/Australian Toaster Biscuit with a little marge, Vegemite, and Cheddar), and a tin of sardines in hot sauce.

[sub]Dinner will be musculature of a deceased domestic bovid treated with fire.[/sub]

I didn’t wake till 1pm, so my late lunch was half a pine nut and golden raisin bicotti, a cup of coffee, a caramel and a sip of the birch beer soda I poured last night (I wanted to see if it still tasted good. it didn’t).

It’s four now, and I’m thinking of heating those two little veggie samosas I didn’t finish last night. Yum.

2 eggs, 2 coffees and a glass of water.

Thin-cut turkey on whole wheat with avocado, mustard, pepper, and a little extra sharp cheddar.

Lunch was salad, garlic bread, and linguine tossed with olive oil and lots o’ garlic.

After I took the first bite, I knew I was in trouble. That’s because I had to be at court at 1:30 on a removal I did yesterday, and I was going to have MAJOR garlic breath.

I think between the time I finished lunch and had to go into the courtroom, I went through half a pack of Trident. The judge didn’t keel over, so I assume the fumes weren’t too dreadful.

I’m not sure what dinner’s going to be, seeing as how I have to do ANOTHER removal tonight, and haven’t even gotten approval from the director yet. I’m sitting in the office twiddling my thumbs until I get the okay to go pick up the kid. So the kid and I will probably get McDonald’s drive-thru.

I made hamburgers for my son and I for lunch this afternoon…they were yummy!

Mine was a cup of strawberry ice cream
(I just had my wisdom teeth taken out)

Meatball Lean Pocket and a banana.

freshly baked honey-oatmeal-raisin cookies.

Mmmm, grilled cheese sandwich with sliced dill pickles.

Chinese buffet

Leftover spaghetti bolognese. Yum.

Lunch was:[ul][li]$3.20 of tuna pasta salad, from the deli in the building behind mine[/li][li]a Diet Pepsi[/li][li]a packet of Oreo crisps[/ul][/li]Dinner was:[ul][li]2 frozen Stouffer’s French bread pizzas (plain cheese)[/li][li]water[/li][li]an Almond Joy bar[/ul][/li]Glad I ate light today, so I could post honestly. :wink:

A Diet Coke. :frowning:

Fried Bee Hoon, with carrots, french beans, egg, prawn and fishcake.


Lunch consisted of one (1) ham steak, fried, with a sauce made from mustard, brown sugar, paprika and hot sauce.

And beer.

I actually planned mine out in advance today: a toasted English muffin, goat cheese, a fresh tomato and basil from the garden. This is the first time I’m going to eat anything out of my garden, so I’m excited about it.

Scrambled egg, ham and a packet of Taytos about to be followed by some fruit salad and yogurt.

Breakfast cold pizza
Lunch probably cold pizza
and dinner, well, who knows, hopefully not pizza

Yesterday was an Amy’s Organic burrito, corn on the cob, and steamed vegetables.

Today will be sushi rolls (probably tuna) and a bowl of gazpacho.

I’m doing Weight Watchers. :rolleyes: