What's for lunch?

I had a tuna salad (made the easy way, with a dollop of tartar sauce) on toasted 12-grain bread, with a nice piece of lettuce; then a big, fat, juicy peach as a chaser. Yum!

Leftovers from the other night. Chicken marinated in olive oil and balsamic, green beans, and rice pilaf.

I’m thinking of making a quiche for tonight’s dinner, with chocolate cake for dessert. It’s cold here, so I won’t mind running the oven for a while.

Leftover cajun seafood, complete with dirty rice and hushpuppies.

Haven’t decided yet. I had Shin Ramyun spicy ramen noodles for breakfast.

I put some chicken ternderloins in baggies; one batch with Soy Vay Very Very Teriyaki, and the other with Soy Vay Island Teriyaki. Maybe one of those will be lunch? Or maybe dinner? Or there’s that big papaya I should eat. There’s a Mexican and an Italian restaurant across the street.

What’s for lunch? Who can say?

Family size bag of salad - Spinach & baby greens mix
One medium cucumber sliced
3 tsp of Paul Newman’s lite balsamic vinaigrette
3 tsp of cheap Progresso balsamic vinegar
one packet of water packed tuna fish (not albacore the cheaper flaked red kind)
2 rye crisp crackers broken up into bits
1/2 onion diced
Top with cracked pepper & Kraft Parmesan cheese sprinkled over top
Put all in a Big Jethro Bodine sized bowl, cover and shake until it’s all mixed up

Serves 4 or possibly just one… but they’ve got to be dedicated

Cuban Sandwich and two glasses of water.

Not particularly hungry today for some reason - my husband was just up here poking around in the fridge, but I don’t really want anything. I did snitch ten or so of his edamame a couple of hours ago (he intended to split it, I just wasn’t interested).

Breakfast was a corn muffin (homemade), watermelon, and a large French Vanilla coffee.

Duck liver pate on toasted home made bread mmmmm…

Nothing yet. It’s football season and the weather is bad, so I didn’t have a chance to get lunch. And, since it’s a holiday, the dining hall is closed. I may order a pizza, though.


Leftovers from last night’s Chinese food- Yang Chow fried rice (the kind with a little bit of everything in it), kung pao chicken and BBQ pork with snow peas.

Dump everything into a bowl. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Enjoy!


I bought a few boxes because they are good and at only 1.05 a box, I couldn’t resist.
I am a college kid, after all. I’m eating the kind with thin thin noodles and parmesean cheese type of sauce. Plus, a pepsi!


A bowl of sticky rice and a peach.

I’m having a big dinner.

Taco Bell. Number 7: chicken quesadilla and a hard-shell taco, plus a diet Coke. Running errands was my excuse for a crap lunch today.

Leftover pizza. Mmm, pizza.

I went to a local coffee shop and had a grilled cheese sandwich, butternut squash soup and a chai tea.


I love good food.

I threw together pasta and yesterday’s leftovers–baked salmon, asparagus, and sauteed mushrooms. It was pretty good.

Two cheese enchiladas, beans, rice and a small salad, washed down with a semi-Diet Pepsi.
OK, I cheated and stopped by Cuca’s on the way home. :smiley:

Peanut butter and honey sandwich. I got the honey at a farmer’s market and have been looking for any excuse to use it.

It’s really good.

I went for the Island Teriyaki chicken and the big-ass papaya.

Tuna fish in a burrito wrap.