What's going on in the latest Penny Arcade?


They’ve been doing guest comics because of a swine flu outbreak. This one just stumps me. We’ve got Batman, climbing a building? Then a thunk. Then a polaroid (?) of of Joker, Bane, and Harlequin(?) smiling. I’m assuming it has to do with Arkham Asylum, but the art is so awkward that I’ve got nothing.

Batman’s sneaking into a building, the thunk is him getting stuck. And then the villians took a picture of Batman’s Ass while he’s stuck in that grate.

I also couldn’t figure it out due to the crappy art. Turns out that the Joker and crew have taken a polaroid posing underneath the climbing Batman. That unclear grey blob in the background of the photograph is Bat-ass. I’m not sure why this is particularly funny.

Thank Og. I thought I was the only one who didn’t understand it. Thanks for clearing that up.

Wow, that’s remarkably crappy.

One part of the duo seems to be down with a case of the Swine Flu, so they’re using guest artists, in case someone didn’t notice.

That Hawk guy doesn’t seem like that bad of an artist. Just not much of a comic book one.

I happen to like Applegeeks myself, tho’ that may be partly my computer prejudices talking. :smiley:

I’ve never seen Applegeeks before, but…


You’ve REALLY ran out of ideas when you have to recycle stuff from old Hanna & Barbera cartoons. :dubious:

When your guest cartoon is harder to understand than the one by the guy who draws FoxTrot, something is definitely wrong with your posing.

From what I gather from other webcomics, it has to do with the game Batman : Arkham Asylum. Apparently in that game Batman is extremely buff and looks more like a steroid-munching bodybuilder than a stealthy ninja guy. Sooo, with all that body mass, he must get stuck in vents. shrug.

Thank god someone explained that comic. I spent some time trying to figure it out.

I still don’t see it, but I’ll accept the explanation.

I heard it was the same artist as the one who drew that shit Forest series (whatever it was called) a few weeks back.

Doesn’t surprise me.

The artist who guest-drew Lookouts is Becky Dreistadt from http://www.tinykittenteeth.com/. Mohammad Haque from http://www.hawkstudios.net/ drew this Batman comic.

My bad. I wish PA had better taste when it comes to guest artists then.

Is it okay to bring it back for Wednesday’s? This ione is from Tiny Kitten Teeth. I really do like the art style, but … what the heck is the thing the last panel? It looks like maybe an owl … bound and gagged … or maybe just wearing a scarf … or maybe it’s a tiny eagle … wearing a vest … or a small child with webbed feet … I almost thought those were white lips …

I believe it’s a bound and gagged owl, who is the real driver of the bus, which has been hi-jacked by creepy frog.

Nah, the frog’s the driver of the bus, this is just a small child owl passenger. It helps to have some familiarity with Animal Crossing.

Same guys did a guest strip a couple days back for PvP. About the nicest thing I can think of to say about it is that it’s not quite as incomprehensible as the one they did for Penny Arcade.

The art is excellent. I was about to say that if the artist only was paired up with somebody who could write, they might have something going for them. Only problem was, that was already the case. Hm.