What's going on in the World Cup ("picking sides") commercial?

There’s a commercial aired during World Cup coverage (at least in the US, but it could be aired anywhere) which runs as follows :
Two kids in a dusty, impoverished-looking neighborhood begin picking sides for a soccer game. They call on actual current players (who appear as they are called), most of whom I don’t know. At the end, as the game is about to start, it freezes on one kid and shows “José +10” (I think that’s the number).

Can someone who’s seen this identify some of the players? There appears to be something going on with some of the names - at one point José calls someone and the other kid laughs, then the guy shows up (and I think he shakes hands with (Beckham?)).

I’m also not sure what the number at the end is. Seems way too big for a point spread (unless he managed to pick amazing players). Is there another system commonly used to show an advantage?

Basically the kids are listing off who they would like to be and/or who they are pretending to be.

The list is supposed to read off like a who’s who of the soccer world.

The reality is that the players who are picked are players who wear the same football boot (puma or whatever it is) so that limits the field somewhat.

Some of the players off the top of my head include Zinadine Zidane, David Beckham, Dibrill Cisse (who just isn’t that good) etc.

Jose is the name of the kida nd +10 is because he is picking 10 other players to be on his team. The one player he calls for that gets a chuckle is Franz Beckenbauer, one of the all-time greats, but he has not played for decades. He played mostly in the 70’s.

Thanks; you know I realized after seeing (an alternate shorter version which was just aired) that the +10 probably meant the players.

In one of the commercials Zidane (I think it was) whispers into one of the boy’s ear, “Platini,” and the boy agrees; at which point former French great Michel Platini trots onto the field. I’d buy a keg and pick George Best.

Notice also that one of the boys calls for a 4-4-2 formation, and correctly instructs Robben and Lampard to switch places in midfield so that Robben is on the wing and Lampard is in the center. Kinda funny.

Riquelme is in there as well.

And for anyone (like me) who likes the song that’s playing, it’s De L’Alouette by RJD2.

Pretty well done commercial, IMHO.

Agree with Lochdale- out of all of the World Cup players to choose from, why pick Cisse, a slightly above average player at best, and at most the 5th best French striker (counting Anelka, who should be on the team), for this prestigous commerical that is gonna be seen all over the world?

Answered in line 3 of post #2.

Really well done digital work to have the 70’s era Beckenbauer look so natural trotting onto the field.

There are multiple commercials, which all fit together

part 1


more info (need some language skills)

and then this…

Cheers to that mate, however I think they wanted to win the soccer game, not the drinking game.

Oh, he’d win both. At the same time.