What's he saying in this clip?

In the animated short “Odin’s Afterbirth”, a warrior who has gone to Valhalla tells off Odin, who in turn curses him. Only, between reverberation, the voice actor straining to make the character voice, and the loud background music I can’t make out exactly what Odin is saying.

The best I’ve come up with is “Erik the Viking! I’ll burn the earth underneath your feet! I’ll (cut?) the throat of anyone who (?)'s your (heart?). You are my afterbirth, and what a despicable (?) you are!”

The one-minute section in question is safe enough, but be warned that most of the video is nightmarishly macabre, gory and violent. Unlike an embedded video I can only specify a start time (10:17), so after the end of Odin’s speech (11:17) you may want to immediately halt it.


For anyone who wants to check it out, the start time of the relevant section is more like 11:02.

As far as I can tell:

“Anyone who wants your heart”???

“What a despicable drip you are”???