What's in your bag, baby?

Let’s see…

  • Nike running shoes
  • Running pants
  • wallet
  • Lomo camera
  • 2 rolls of undeveloped film
  • an apple
  • bottle of Evian water
  • a notebook
  • 2 pens
  • pencil
  • keys
  • Martha Stewart Living magazine (not mine)
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus video (to return to the library)
  • discman
  • CD wallet with 5 CDs
  • spare batteries
  • train pass
  • security pass for office

Let’s see:

-various pens and pencils
-purse w/ checkbook and wallet
-Nalgene water bottle
-the 4 CD’s (in cases) that I bought last night
-legal pad
-CD wallet w/ 128 CD’s
-rain jacket
-spare car key
-small pack of tissues
-package of herbal tea (leftover from when I was sick and brought tea to work)

Okie Doakie:

  • Wallet
  • Keys (personal)
  • keys (work)
  • mobile phone
  • makeup
  • hair ties
  • Credit card statement
  • hankie
  • bank book
  • tampons (hey c’mon, every girl’s gotta have them!)
  • prescription repeat
  • penis-shaped straw (long story, from a friends hens night.)
  • 2 party invitations
  • postit notes
  • AFL membership card
  • 1000 Indonesian Rupiah
  • 1 Honk Kong Dollar
  • New Zealand 20 cent piece
  • pen
  • perfume samples (little glass tubes)
  • wallett
  • bank book
  • sundry coins
  • measureing tape
  • tampons
  • sun glasses
  • moisturiser
  • asthma puffer
  • steroids (for the asthma :))
  • hairbrush
  • partial script to Hamlet
  • floppy disk
  • sundry reciepts
  • keys (work)
  • keys (home)
  • car key
  • keys (friends home)
  • mobile phone
  • pen
  • hotel sewing kit
  • time zone tickets
  • Jeffrey Deaver novel
  • lunch
  • friends pants

My backpack today:

Several bus receipts
Intercultural Communication reader
Intercultural Communication notebook
Cybersociety reader
Cybersociety notebook
A printout of my Cybersociety presentation
Carmex lip balm
Used bus tickets
University diary
Quick deposit slip

Book: Harry Potter, “Quidditch Through The Ages”.
BART ticket with perhaps 32¢ credit remaining (used as bookmark in above book).
.50 mm Rapid-O-Graph[sup]TM[/sup] technical pen (from whence I derived the name “inky”).
Sketchbook, Canson, acid-free, 9"x12" hardbound.
India Ink.
Magic Rub[sup]TM[/sup] art gum eraser.
Long dead Digi-Mon (kept for the digital clock, despite the slightly disconcerting corpse).
Titanium Spork!!!
Motorized frog.
Swiss Army Knife.
Mysterious Green Plastic Diving Guy (found in street).
Very old piece of cheese.
Chap-Stick[sup]TM[/sup] lip balm, melted and congealed into one side of tube.
Wine cork, Wente vinyards (Cabernet Sauvignon, most likely) used on tip of X-Acto knive to keep me from poking my eye out.

I don’t have a bag these days.


blue pen
deck of cards

whoo hoo, I got a brand new bag a couple weks ago, it’s awesome :wink:

Your mysterious Green Plastic Diving Guy is from the game Mouse Trap :slight_smile: He stands on one end of a board, which catapults (?) him into a tub, causing the mouse trap to fall.
Does anyone play the game, or do they just put together the machine and watch it work?

In my bag, there is a wallet with no money
An unbalanced checkbook
A hairbrush
Various hair utensils (bands, scrunchies) which I have no use for anymore as I just had my hair cut off.

Ah ha!
Fighting Ignorance Since 1972

Lemme see, I don’t usually carry a bag, but I had some homework to do at work tonight, so I brought it in…

Two notebooks
index cards
loose change
box of pens
some pencils
Intro to Psychology book
pencil sharpener
AMP energy drink
a timecard from work

My God! Why do you people carry so much stuff! Why don’t you just put your homes on your backs like snails, and be done with it?!

My rucksack contains:

English - German Dictionary
Bag of Cheesy Wotsits

I wouldn’t even bother bringing it to work, except I always have a nagging suspicion that I might need it.

What are you like??? What goes on in your life that might need a passport, Cheesy Wotsits and a English-German dictionary at a moments notice? :smiley:

As for me :-

  • diary
  • various bits of paper containing things that my wife has asked me to print of for her…
  • scarf, gloves and brolly (living in London - won’t need them today but you never can tell)
  • keys
  • pens
  • tissues
  • newspaper (the Metro - sad I know)
  • rental agreement on the weekend’s van (for moving home)
  • personal bag with wallet, asthma pump, spare shoelaces, torch, Vicks inhaler, cough sweets and Vaseline Lip Therapy
  • Pot Noodle (lunch)


okies i have:
-old discman with the cure inside
-waiting for godot by samuel beckett
-japanese books
-physics books
-oragami hat
-bunch of other papers and shit that i dont need
-almost empty can of lynx
-bus timetable
-mother courage and her children by bertolt brecht
-of mice and men by john steinbeck

as you can probably tell i am i high school student

Which just came in handy!!! :smiley:



A bookmark.
One of those electronic translator thingies.
And four notebooks filled with amusing quotes, notes on heraldry, minutes of old PCC meetings, and a few stabs at translating bits of Gregorian chant.

Best I can do, I’m afraid.

I never carry a bag, but on a typical workday, the contents of my pockets are:

  • Wallet
  • Handspring Visor
  • House keys
  • Car or motorbike keys
  • Cell phone
  • Public transport pass
  • Entrance pass to the office
  • Chewing gum
  • Handkerchief
  • Business card holder
  • Pen
  • Tic Tacs

Oh, and off to IMHO. :slight_smile:

Good question (and TIMELY! I am searching through it for my Gas Bill)

  • Gas Bill (found it)
  • Phone Book (not a yellow pages - the little purse sized ones)
  • Wallet
  • Calendar/Organizer
  • Assorted paperwork all clipped together with a binder clip and the wrapped with a rubber band but way too much junk to list and frankly I don’t want to dig through it - I’m afraid of what I might find
  • Keys for Work
  • Keys for non-work
  • Smokes
  • Leatherman type tool (it’s a cheap knockoff)
  • 25’ Stanley Tape Measure (don’t ask)
  • 7 pens
  • 3 pencils (that reminds me - I have to call the school)
  • Nail File
  • ID Badge for work
  • Yellow highlighter (forgot to give it to Mini2U)
  • Compact
  • Matches

Today my bag contains:

> one pen
> two return rail tickets (London to Edinburgh)
> one Duracell AA battery
> one chequebook
> Sophie’s World* by Jostein Gaarder
> The End of Time* by Damien Thompson
> this week’s copy of Private Eye magazine
> a small pocket map of the Underground
> The Holocaust by Paul Johnson (one chapter only)
> one earphone pad for personal stereo earphones
> one mobile phone
> A-Z map book of London
> one gas bill (paid today)
> one CD single (bought today)