What's in your bag?

Well, the school year’s back in full swing for most people, and I think it’s time for another Random Snippet of Life survey. Mostly, for my fellow students, but anyone may answer the always-fascinating question: What’s in your bag?

Right now, in my messenger-style Jansport:
*Gray 1-inch binder, containing a copy of book 19 of The Odyssey in the original Greek, and some miscellanious Greek reference packets.
*An English version of The Odyssey.
*Spiral notebook, rapidly filling with my own English translation of book 19 of The Odyssey.
*A book entitled “Homeric Greek: A book for beginners.” (noticing a trend, yet?)
*The title-less sophomore math manual my school publishes, explaining some of the finer points of Ptolemy, Copernicus, and Kepler.
*Ptolemy’s Almagest
*Another spiral notebook, already half-filled with attempts at understanding Ptolemy.
*Music manual, with lots of Gregorian chants and writings by very, very early musical theorists.
*the King James Bible
*Small spiral notebook with bible notes for class
*TI-83 graphing calculator.
*Day planner
*Another small notebook which is almost entirely full of random, mostly-incomprehensible creative writing Things (random dialogue snippets, physical descriptions of characters, random ‘possible plots’, etc)
In the “miscellanious crap” pockets, we have:
*Six mechanical pencils. Two highlighters. Six pens: Three black, two red, one blue. Student ID, wallet, a receipt from Whole Foods, $2.26 in change, cell phone, sunglasses, used-up bus pass, room key, eyedrops, a fork from the cafeteria, a couple gum wrappers, and a few lonely M&Ms. Also, a scrap of paper with a phone number written down on it, and I have no idea who’s number it is. Maybe it’s Santa Claus’s?

*Principles of Biochemistry by Lehninger
*Chemistry by Chang
*Calculus by Stewart
*1 ring notebook and 1 folder for each subject
*Libary research manual and homework guide
*T-83 graphing caculator
*Safety Goggles for labs
*Lab notebook for biochemistry
*Lab notebook for chemistry
*Lots of pencils and pens, a stapler, whiteout, and change for trips to the pop machine

I’ve been carrying a U.S. Army surplus map case.

It doesn’t hold a lot, but its purpose was to minimize the crap I take with me. It can hold my books for that day (i.e. not all of them for all days at the same time), plus a notebook for the odd “pull out a sheet of paper” quiz (I take notes in a small pocket notebook), plus whatever random papers, newspapers or magazines I happen to come across during the day. The front organizer pocket holds a refil for my main pen, four extra pens, two extra pencils, a small pencil sharpener, a black permanent marker, a highlighter, and several paperclips and rubberbands.

This guy inspired me.

Later, he opines that smaller laptops might fit in it. Mine does. Handy.

  • Folder with sections of class notes and labs for hematology, biochemistry, histopathology, and microbiology. If I bring the full binders, I’d need a back brace.
  • Agenda
  • Wallet
  • Bus pass
  • Umbrella
  • Keys for home and keycard for work
  • MP3 player
  • Free samples of hand lotion they were giving out at the mall
  • A handful of small unidentified papers + receipts
  • A penny in a wax block from my first embedding lab. They wouldn’t let me keep the chunk of kidney. :slight_smile:
  • Cell phone
  • Sharpie and pens in case I forget my pencil case
  • Pencil case: Pens and hilighters in several colors for note-taking, small ruler, calculator, eraser, white-out-in-a-strip stuff, Sharpies, Post-it flags.

Mm. Let’s see.

  • Art portfolio
  • Assorted crappy pencils and pens
  • A few CDs
  • Digicam
  • TI 83 calculator (the Plus wasn’t in stock when I went year before last…)
  • New York State Driver’s Manual

And that’s all. I don’t like carrying a lot of crap with me.

In my way too heavy backpack I have my

[li]laptop and assorted wires/mouse[/li][li]small binder[/li][li]whichever textbooks I need that day[/li][li]agenda[/li][li]T1-83[/li][li]pencil case with pencils, pens, eraser, coloured pens, post it flags[/li][li]juiceboxes and granola bars[/li][/ul]

I’ve been looking out for a wheelie bag, it’s too much to carry this year. Like the textbooks doubled in size, and about half my classes require paper and certain printouts every class.

Well, I carry a backpack as a coach, because all the stuff my debate team needs won’t fit in a pocket. Right now, my tournament pack holds:

8 pens of various colors
2 flashlights (1 mini-maglite, 1 'biner-light
1 3"X3" medical kit (bandaids, moleskin, etc.)
1 box Tic-Tacs
1 box Listerine Breathstrips
1 MRE bottle of Tabasco
1 disposable camera
1 sewing kit
10 Wet-naps
1 tin Ginger Altoids
1 rain hat
1 sleep mask
1 pair sunglasses
1 Cyalume lightstick
1 stopwatch
6 highliters of different colors
1 bottle opener
1 TCU Horned Frogs baseball cap
another stopwatch
1 sheet impromptu topics from a tournament last year
1 legal pad case, with pad, pens, business cards, medical releases for students, etc.

When I actually have it at a tournament, it will also have in it a sweatshirt, several books, the tournament paperwork, and maybe a snack or two.


I take a backback – because “backpack” sounds more grownup than “bookbag” – to work with me every day. It typically contains:[ul][li]my purse (which holds my cell phone and PDA)[/li][li]a compact umbrella[/li][li]hand lotion[/li][li]tissues[/li][li]my badge[/li][li]a changepurse that holds eye drops and various OTC meds (Tylenol, Immodium, etc.)[/li][li]a hairbrush[/li][li]a half dozen pens and at least one pencil[/li][li]2 USB drives (128MB and 512MB)[/ul][/li]On Tuesdays (school day) I add:[ul][li]a copy of Professional Writing and Rhetoric[/li][li]a copy of A Handlist of Rhetorical Terms[/ul][/li]And on Friday evenings/Monday mornings it carries the laptop that I bring home with me on weekends.

A teach-at-home English teacher/mum here.

My bag contains
schools’s wallet and bank books,
my main file containing schedules, lists of students, phone numbers for kids schools, contact list of potential students, lists of topics to prepare, shopping lists, you name it,
sweets and empty sweet wrappers
anti itch medicine and an epi-pen for my elder son,
brush and sunhat for me.

Boring, eh?

Note to self, buy stock in TI

I carry a messenger bag style briefcase. It has the
keys to my office,
my cellphone,
my lunch,
a copy of the newspaper,
a legal pad,
a pen,
a few things I might need to take care of while at work,
some gum
my Ipod

It is Monday morning and all my books/notebooks are out of bag (I’ll be repacking in a few minutes when I leave), so I’ll go from memory:

Textbooks/notebooks/binders; what they are depends on what day it is.
I always have:
water bottle
Mineral ID kit
post it notes
nail file
brush/hair thingies
pencil case with extra leads for my mech. pencils
School ID with (hopefully) money on the card so I can eat lunch or get a cup of coffee