What's in your medicine cabinet?

Gotta love MPSIMS…

In my medicine cabinet, you will find:

[ul][li]A jar of Townley glitter hair gel[/li][li]A lone home pregnancy test stick, no box, no instructions[/li][li]Two Tresemme hot oil treatments[/li][li]A lumpy tube of Colgate[/li][li]My and Bowen’s toothbrushes (I don’t know what the brand on mine is, his is a Teletubbies ZOOTHbrush)[/li][li]A small tube of lanolin[/li][li]Biore face mask stuff[/li][li]Biore strips[/li][li]DayQuil[/li][li]A poem I wrote last December (???)[/li][li]A jar of Ponds cold cream[/li][li]A brand new thing of Glide dental floss[/li][li]Three bottles of Manic Panic hair dye: Purple Haze, Shocking Blue and Green Envy[/li][li]Prenatal vitamins[/li][li]Bayer[/li][li]Glue for artificial fingernails, dried[/li][li]A big bottle of Tums[/li][li]Freeman’s Barefoot Plum and Pumice[/li][li]Advil[/li][li]A tube of Orajel[/li][li]Iron pills[/ul][/li]
In various other places scattered about my bathroom counter, there are the typical hair products: squeeze gel, spray gel, hairspray, water bottle, four or five hairbrushes, blow dryer, diffuser, curling iron, crimping iron, and TWO hot roller sets… a billion different barrettes, ponytailers, headbands, scrunchies and other hair “pretties”…

::deep breath:: makeup, Mary Kay facial stuff I’ve never used, a box of tissues, a roll of toilet paper, antibacterial gel soap, a bar of oatmeal soap, three or four washcloths, loose change and scraps of paper, Vanilla Fields perfume, a variety of scented body oils and a stain from the last time I dyed my hair.

Anyone else care to divulge?

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Claritin, Mitchum roll-on, various evil implements of foot and toenail torture, the obligatory vaseline, four slivers of old bar soap “that might come in handy one day,” nail clippers, bandaids, hydrogen peroxide,

and for some unfathomable reason, a 2.5" tall plastic effigy of Admiral “Bull” Halsey.

Two Dr. Bronner’s soap wrappers, aspirin, nail polish remover (no polish, tho’), deodorant, free samples of shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizing body bar (never opened), a sponge, and an empty toothpaste tube.

The really interesting stuff is in my travel case, though:

Two necklaces, one of those wristbands they give you at clubs if you’re over 21, spare toothbrush, 2 containers of dental floss (one waxed, one mint-flavored and unwaxed), a hair clip, soap, clarifying bar, and two mini shampoo bottles (these last three items are free samples from hotels), more deodorant, ball-point pen, international calling card, never-used birth control pills (don’t ask), purple QUESTION REALITY pin, key from the student-run coffeehouse at my alma mater, broken fragment of coffee cup from same, assorted coins from the U. S., Great Britain, and Spain.

Gotta clean that thing out someday…

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Oh lord…let’s see.

In the actual cabinet, we have:
5 kinds of prescription medication, giant bottle of generic motrin, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, band-aids, spare contacts, ear wax cleaner, nasal spray, asprin with codiene…

Scattered around the bathroom we then have:
Toothbrush, nail brush, tube of Colgate Platinum toothpaste, tweezers, Herbal Essences facial soap, contact lens case, contact lens solution, deodorant, Biore mask, Biore strips, 5 kinds of body lotion, (I keep getting them as gifts!), 3 kinds of shower gel, Thermasilk shampoo, Aussie Miracle conditioner, razor, shaving cream, SEVERAL stains from various shades of red hair dye…

And if THAT isn’t mundane and pointless, I don’t know what is!

(And looking back over this list…I am such a girl when it comes to the bathroom…sigh)

YOU are!?!

The stuff on my list was just from MY bathroom… I didn’t bother to go through Byron’s bathroom, Bowen’s basket o’ stuff, or all the various medicine stuff we keep on top of the microwave.

I really need to organize…

“ChrisCTP-…the sweetheart of the SDMB…” --Diane
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I was going to respond to this, honest, but I opened the medicine cabinet door, really LOOKED at it, shuddered, and closed it again.
Chris, you have just motivated me to clean it out.
Example: the little plunger gizmo for taking out contact lenses when you’re eyes are really dry. I hadn’t needed it for years–I could take out my contacts w/ pliers, if need be–but I haven’t worn contacts for 6 years.
Well, I know what I’ll be doing on Saturday.

I, too, have a Dr. Bronner’s wrapper(peppermint), neosporin, preparation H(don’t ask), nickelodeon ice mint splash toothpaste, face toner, various little perfume bottles, a pile of blister pack meds,i.e.-tylenol (flu), benadryl,mylanta tabs, all of the above in kid/teen version,4 condoms and 3 vaginal contraceptive films(VCF’s).

Also, I keep most of my meds in the cabinet above my microwave as well.(Funny, my 12 yr old JUST asked me where the throat spray was, I said in the medicine chest, the kitchen cabinet, or my bedroom…He looked at me and said ‘Thanks for narrowing it down for me.’ lol. kids

All of my girly stuff is in my bedroom on my vanity. I keep my makeup in a train case for trips to NJ/NYC which i make frequently.
Just a FEW vanity items:
A basket full of nail polish
polish remover,files,sticks,buffers etc.
mint foot lotion and powder(Yes, they stink.)
tanning lotion,baby oil
molding mud,laminates gel,hairspray,mousse,spray shine
moisturizer,eye cream,lip gloss
glitter spray,glitter cream,shimmer stick,stick-on jewels
a basket of headbands,clips,hair jewels,scarves,(I admit it,I have a few butterflies),wraps,etc.
the jewelry box

On the wall above the vanity, centered over the mirror, I have a little sculpture of Medusa(for inspiration)

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OMG what a pig sty…

5 containers of dental floss
1 tampon
3 condoms - probably outdated, not even sure where they came from
2 bottles of raspberry ripple bubble bath
1 small bottle of oscar
4 mickey mouse band aids
3 bottles of deodorant
ewwwwwwww a very grody (sp)tube of ozonol
1 bottle of aftershave… hope it keeps till my 8 year old is old enough to use it
haha… a tube of hemmoroid cream with the applicator… the ex must have left that one
1 bottle of mousse
2 stool softener suppositories… jeez he took all the furniture and left all his butt stuff

simply amazing that i never really noticed this stuff

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Well, luckily I didn’t have to include the VAST array of hair crap, nail polish, perfume, and makeup that I keep right OUTSIDE the bathroom! < grin >

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Various empty perscription bottles
bottle of peroxide
thermometer (oral)
hair care products (gel and mousse)
Band-aid ™ brand adhesive strips

God even my medicine cabinet is dull :slight_smile:

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Sometimes I feel like I’m taking a quiz on here. Lets see:totthpaste(1 adult,1 cartoon),first aid cream,bandaids,advil,tampons,q-tips,eye-drops.

1 bottle of asperin
1 earwax remover drops (don’t even think of going there)
1 drakkar noir cologne
1 B/O stick
Lion King band-aids
2 tooth brushes
2 tubes of tooth paste
3 hair thingys
dental floss
K-Y jelly…( never you mind…)
and my Car keys??? what the hell are they doing in here…


I have two medicine cabinets and I use them both, so here we go.

Upstairs bathroom cabinet:
Three tubes of toothpaste (two almost empty, one new)
Six used razors
Two hair thingies
Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash
Cleocin-T Pledgets
A mirror from a compact
Four sticks of deodorant (one of mine, one for my oldest son, and the other two are my husband’s)
Three bottles of cologne
One bottle of sore throat spray

Downstairs bathroom cabinet:
One bottle of sore throat spray
Wart remover medicine (don’t ask)
Jumbo bottle of antacids
Visine eye drops
One bottle of suntan lotion (very old, very congealed)
Triaminic cough syrup
Benadryl pills
Gingko Biloba pills (my husband bought them, don’t ask me why)
One bottle of Benadryl liquid
Imodium pills
Sinus pills
One tube of triple antibiotic ointment
One tube of cold sore ointment
One tube of cortisone cream
Old pair of tweezers that I haven’t used in years
One hair brush.

This is not including all the medicines that I keep in the cabinet above the sink in my kitchen. At last count, there were at least 15 separate bottles of prescription medicines up there, along with a bottle of adult strength Tylenol, two boxes of children’s chewable Tylenol, one bottle of infant strength Tylenol, a bottle of Advil, and a bag of sore throat lozenges.

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Sue… if they are glow-in-the-dark ones, I left them when I was there… couldn’t find a canadian man large enough to wear them… thought maybe you could continue my quest! as for my cabinet…hmmmm advil, peroxide, alcohol, lotion, face cleaner, dramamine, cold tablets, more lotion, massage oil, ummm… peach flavored love potion (hmmm I wondered where that disappeared to) a tooth brush and more lotion. You’d think I worked for a bath & body product manufacturer or something.

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Um… a can of deoderant, some toothpaste, and some Nyquil. I also have a box on the counter that has stuff like bandaids and stuff… I still haven’t finished unpacking. It’s only been 6 months, afterall.

The only makeup I have (aside from stage makeup) is an eyeliner, a mascara, a blush and a lipstick. I use one or more of them less frequently than once a month. I don’t own any hair products other than shampoo and conditioner.

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[li]Three toothbrushes[/li][li]Aquafresh toothpaste[/li][li]Hydrocortisone[/li][li]Pond’s Ultra Silk body lotion[/li][li]Jurgen’s body shampoo[/li][li]French Design body spray[/li][li]heads for Gillette razor[/li][li]Matchbook[/li][/ul]

There used to be deodorant in there, but that’s in the linen closet for some reason. And the dental floss is on the edge of the bathroom sink.

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Once I shoved the crack, heroin and pot out of the way I found…


I don’t have a medicine cabinet in my bathroom! Ha ha! I have a box inside my lazy Susan cabinet. And trust me, this Susan is lazy as hell! There’s crap in there that expired about three years ago! The only thing that’s current is my dog’s heart-guard pills!

I’ve cleaned it out (no thanks to you!) And that box looks pretty sad with just my puppies pills in it. Guess I’ll have to run out and get myself some drugs…

Well, let’s see – an ancient round box of Coty face powder and an even ancienter Dior eyeshadow that I can’t bring myself to throw out even though I never use (it’s four shades of iridescent white; they haven’t made it in at least 15 years and it’s very cool-looking and completely unwearable.) The eyeshadow I do wear (brown), and a dozen or so tubes of lipstick. A neon-pink toothbrush that I don’t use since I got the Sonicare, some Arm & Hammer whitening toothpaste.Loose pins and needles, a piece of wire, razor blade refill thingies, a bunch of those little floss swords, a cat slicker brush. I used to keep various asthma drugs there, but now I lug them all around with me.


Oh boy…let’s see here…

Cabinet: Drammamine, precription pain killers that expired in 97, Tylenol PM, my toothbrush, dental floss, travel sized bottle of Scope, throat lozenges, prescription migrane medicine, nasal spray, PMS pills (to get rid of it, not give it to you), Kaopectate, Tylenol cold medicine, Benedryl, and anti-nausea liquid.

In the cabinet underneath my sink: cotton balls, q-tips, tampons, pads, panty liners, baby powder, drain cleaner, a small travelling case, spare parts for my rats’ habitrail, about 12 bars of Dove soap for sensitive skin, tooth paste, rubbing alcohol, and unused birth control pills.

In the cabinet over my toilet: several rolls of toilet paper, my cats’ laxatone and dermagen ointment, the pens, bandage scissors and rectal thermometer I bring to work with me, Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner, a razor cartridge, my beeper, a wide assortment of hair accessories, foundation, powder, 3 kinds of lip gloss, 8 kinds of lipstick, vanilla lotion, ancient hair gel, yucky eyeshadow that I know I will never use, and a Furbish-English dictionary (my obligatory don’t ask item).

On my counter: Secret, Aussie hair spray, Vaseline extra strength hand lotion, the tube of toothpaste I am currently using, 3 different hair brushes, a hair pick, my hair dryer, tweezers, and a cat.

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Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

Count me in the “I am such a girl” club. I just went in my bathroom and counted the assorted bottles in my shower - I’m up to 17. And I live alone.