what's it cost to stay at a halfway house?

My house is currently for sale, but my wife and I have talked about renting the house out way before the current economic status. We have been approached by a rehab facility about renting it out as a “halfway-house.” Does anyone know what people in recovery pay to stay in “halfway houses” or what the state of louisiana pays on the reimbursement rate (the state offers “grants” is my understanding).

Any info is greatly appreciated!

I am not in your area but I lived at a halfway house for a while. (Yay for getting sober and buying my own damned house).

Anyway, the going rate was ~ 100 a week IIRC. That included meals.


It is always awesome and encouraging to hear that someone has gotten to a better place in there life. kudos to you man. You merit a lot of respect.

Thanks for the feedback. The wife is in a MFT program for her masters degree in systemic therapy and that is how they found us.

We have no idea where to start in negotiating on rent for the property or if we even want to get involved. It seems like it could be somewhat risky…

What kind of people will be there? There are halfway houses for ex-cons, parolees, abused women, teenagers, alcoholics, drug users, mild mentally handicapped people both physically and mentally.

Payment will depend on which state agency will reimburse you