What's it like to sleep with someone?

And no, I don’t mean sex.

Does sleeping together enhance your relationship? Does it help you bond? Would it hurt your relationship to sleep apart?

I’ve never as an adult slept with another person and likely never will, so I am deeply ignorant here.

It depends on the person. Some cuddle and feel wonderful, some snore and steal the sheets.

I was worried about it at first, having slept alone for my entire life (28 years at that point) prior. I’m a light sleeper, and he snores.

I found comfortable, effective earplugs. Two years later, I still wear them every night because I sleep so much better with them in, whether he’s in bed or not. So that was an awesome discovery.

About a month after he’d moved in, he was gone for a night. I slept a long, deep, blissful sleep. Six months later he was gone for a couple of nights again. I laid awake all night missing him. I basically can’t sleep without him in the bed next to me, now.

There’s no question that it enhances the relationship; it is definitely a help in bonding. We huddle together for warmth. Not sleeping in the same bed would feel cold, lonely, and alienating. Can’t bear the thought.

Except when one of us has a bad cold. Then the sickie totally goes to the guest room. And we both pout about it in the morning.

I am a grumpy, grumpy sleeper, so I don’t know if my SO enjoys it much, and yet he insists and is always sad when I can’t sleep and I try to sleep on the futon.

Seriously, I am perfectly friendly as long as I am awake. I will share the blankets, take less than my half, and be a wonderful companion.

As soon as I fall asleep I steal all the sheets - we have separate blankets except for the coldest part of winter because of this - won’t move when nudged, grump loudly if someone tries to wake me up, sleep like a log. I don’t snore, at least, that’s his domain, but beyond that I am not a great sleeping companion. I like cuddling, until I’m asleep or almost there, and then I’m all getawaygetawaygetaway.

We bought a queen size bed and that has helped a lot. However, I still think one day we may have to go to separate twin size beds. I know, it sounds so unromantic, but his sleeping patterns are not like mine at all, and he wakes up at the slightest sound, whereas I can and have slept through an earthquake (and yet I wake up instantly at snoring).

Sleep is so important that I do think it may come down to that.

Haven’t slept with too many people, and even those were not for a very long time, but it depends on the size of the bed. Just a double bed is far too small to get a good sleep in, and a good sleep is vital to proper mental health.

A queen bed shared with another person is pushing it: while it is still more cramped, when you are sharing it with someone who tosses and/or turns, my mental health is improved by being more intimate with someone than if I had slept alone.

If I were to share a king bed with someone it would no doubt improve our relationship unless she snored or took all the covers.

I love love love sharing a bad with my husband. I would be lost without his body to lay up against while I fall asleep. And the times when we’re half-asleep in the middle of the night, and we hug and cuddle in the warm bed are heaven.

I don’t get how couples sleep apart or share a bed without touching. It would break my heart.

That being said, when he tried to wakes me up in the morning before I am ready…let’s just say he may lose a finger some day. :slight_smile:

This is one reason why my partner and I live next door to each other. Yeah, sometimes we sleep in the same bed, but usually I find it very difficult to fall asleep with him in the bed. Pets are ok, though; in fact I sleep better with them.

I used to sleep with someone who would inch her way toward me during the night. I would progessively get less and less space to sleep in. Once when we were on vacation, we had a king size bed. She inched over so much that I ended up walking around and sleeping on “her side.”

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I love love love sharing a bad with my husband. /QUOTE]

I love sharing a bad with my wife. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not naming any names, but Some People use “let’s cuddle” as an excuse to put their ice-cold feet on my leg and suck the heat out of the entire left side of my body.


I move from place to place through the night. I spend part of the night in a chair, part of it on the couch, and part of it in the bed. I’m, accordingly, kind of difficult to sleep with if you don’t want to move around too.

pretty much what **tdn **said. i’m told i snore too. :smiley:

I have been told the same, but of course it isn’t true.


I’ve had women wake me up to tell me I’m snoring, but I never hear it.

It is beyond me how people sleep while sharing a blanket. Sharing a big enough bed with Mr. GilaB is very nice, and I miss him when we are apart, but if we try to share a blanket (usually in hotels), I end up waking up every hour or so to yank half the blanket back.

I absolutely love knowing my husband is in the same bed as I am. But I can’t stand to touch him when I’m sleeping, mostly because that would require that I be very close to him and he snores loud enough that it’s kind of deafening. I’d use ear plugs, but our baby wakes sometimes in the middle of the night still, so I want to be able to hear her.

My husband woke me this morning at 4 a.m. No amount of poking, proding or shaking would wake him. I think he has sleep apnea, so when he’s asleep he’s dead to the world. It was so loud I had my hands over my ears for a bit.

I like dozing in bed with our son, and I’m ok with nursing our daughter while I sleep, but they’re both eventually so wriggly they have to go back to bed so I don’t wind up taking a foot to the head. Still, both have this incredibly reassuring, unique smell that makes me happy, and it’s nice to smell when I’m sleeping. Yes, I’m weird.

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Let’s see. We have a nice little chat and then he falls asleep. He can sleep anywhere, anytime. The snoring commences. I roll him over. He rolls back and jabs me with his elbow. I roll him back. He stays this time. I fall asleep. He rolls over and elbows me in the head. I wake up (and say ow). I roll him back. I fall asleep. He rolls back (no elbow this time) and he starts to snore again. I roll him back. Etc, Etc.

There are nights when I get to sleep first and he isn’t rolling all over the place but not nearly enough of them.

I adore it when he is gone for the night.

I love it, personally. If I were to get a partner who didn’t want to share a bed with me, they’d have to be otherwise extraordinarily amazing for it not to be a dealbreaker.

Spooning and then falling asleep together, waking up in the morning, hitting snooze and then snuggling for a few minutes before you have to get up - that’s a recipe for happiness for me. It also really, really helps me sleep properly and have fewer episodes of sleep paralysis so it’s actually good for my health.

Sadly, right now I’m single. Friends have kipped over in my bed a few times recently, but it’s not the same.

You suit the second part of the username then. :smiley:

It tends to take quite a while for me to get in a good sleeping groove with someone. With LTRs, usually six months or more.

Part of that is that I have worked odd hours for so many years that I’m rarely in sync with my partner’s sleeping hours. Part of it is that I generally read to fall asleep and the light disturbs him. If he snores, that takes some getting used to. I’m the one with the freezing feet, so at times, that keeps a partner awake.

My current guy and I rarely spend the whole night together, since neither of us gets enough sleep. One of us will get up after a couple of hours and go home or finish the night on the sofa.

When I do finally get in a good sleeping groove with someone, it’s cozy and I like it though.