What's it mean to get into your "Dr. Dentons?"

OK, I’m watching TV Land. On Bewitched, Darren is acting like he’s flipped talking to a teddy bear as if it were his boss. He thinks his mother-in-law, Andora, made the switch. Anyhow, in one scene, his client thinks he’s lost it and says: Are you quite through, or would you like to get into your Dr. Dentons?"

To what does this line refer? Who/what is Dr. Denton?

  • Jinx

I believe Dr. Dentons are pajamas, specifically one-piece pajamas favored by small children, the same group most likely to talk to teddy bears.

Flannel pajamas with feet, no less.

To be even more specific:

Flannel pajamas, with feet and that little drop-down flap in the back for potty stops. Think “Dennis the Menace” at nighttime.

Saying something like that to an adult would certainly be a backhanded way of suggesting that they’re being childish.