What's It Take To Remove a Bad Umpire?

I’ve read some articles about a suspect umpire in the MLB that has a reputation for making bad calls behind the plate. Can he be removed, or at least rotated to another umpire position? What are the MLB’s policies on this?

Fairly recent thread on a specific terrible Umpire:

Basic answer is
A) The umps have a strong union and
B) If you get rid of him who’s the replacement? Don’t assume someone else would do a better job.

As I noted in the earlier thread: you replace him with the best up-and-coming umpire in the minor leagues (which is exactly how MLB replaces umpires who voluntarily retire).

Umps who are in the minor leagues, particularly those who grade highly and are being actively developed by MLB for a future in the majors, aren’t necessarily in the minors because they aren’t as good at umpiring as those in MLB (particularly the poorest-performing MLB umps); they’re primarily there because they aren’t yet as experienced.

b) one of the many younger Umps that having been training for there chance. It would take much to be better than about 12 of the older Umps.

Can he be rotated to another position? No. Umpires are organized into 4-man crews, and every day the crew rotates around the positions: the guy who had the plate today is on 3rd base for tomorrows game; 3rd base moves to 2nd, etc. So this would require an exception where the bad ump is permanently assigned 3rd base…and that’s not going to happen.

He’s already suing MLB for racial discrimination. Maybe he can sue based on the ADA. He must be legally blind. :stuck_out_tongue:

That he’s now accusing MLB of manipulating the ump ratings is a hell of an accusation, given that independent parties analyze umps, too, and certainly find him below par as a home plate ump.

A wild high fast ball?