What's Made You Laugh Today?

My daughter.

I woke up this morning to find my perpetually naked daughter running around the house, naked of course, but for socks and sneakers.

She had her shoes on the correct feet, though! :smiley:

Well, the opening to this thread made me laugh. That’s cause for posting.

Valerieblaise called me a tramp in chat. I giggled. :slight_smile:

I bought a new hat today. Red, fitted ball cap that has the words ‘Porn Star’ on the front. I came in to work and got, “Sup Fred Durst!” From just about everyone in the room. That made me laugh.

For those who don’t get it: Fred Durst is the lead singer for Limp Bizkit, and wears a red ball cap all the time.

Knowing that lurkernomore has finally, after four years, been unable to prevent me from finding out what he looks like!!! (I have been vindicated!!! g)

Oh, and hearing my brother swear and hear my 18 month old nephew repeat it. chuckle




The Straight Dope Medical Doctor?


Absolutely nothing.

My puppy. I put his harness on and took him outside. He doesn’t like the harness, so when I put him down, he turned his back to me and then wouldn’t turn around.

This morning I laughed when I read what I wrote in my journal last night. It made absolutely no sense. I wonder if Mom laces my dinner with crack.

Then again, I laugh hysterically at almost everything…

Saying “welfy” many times in a row makes me laugh. What a silly name.

Isn’t putting your dog down just because he doesnt like his harness a little harsh?!?!?!

Whammo made me laugh :slight_smile:

Isn’t putting your dog down just because he doesnt like his harness a little harsh?!?!?!


Wha?? OOOhhh, I get it.

**Whammo made me laugh **


Me too!

Some background:

My father is nearly deaf but refuses to wear a hearing aid.

My mother is a tad nuts, but usually in a good way.

I take after my mother. (OK, that’s irrelevant.) :wink:

My younger son… oh, never mind.

OK, this happened yesterday, but I laughed soooooooooooo hard and for such a long time and cried until tears ran off my cheeks… and… well, I simply must share.

The phone rang. My son answered. All he said was, “OK, bye.”

“Chris?” I queried. “What’s up?”

“Just listen, Mom. Oh, what’s Grandma and Grandpa’s phone number?”

“Chris? You really should have it memorized, you goober!” I then shared with him the necessary information. He dialed, and my father picked up.

OK, so all I can hear is Chris’s side of the conversation: “Grandpa? You know Grandma’s sweater – the one with the kittens on it? Well, she’d like you to throw it down the laundry chute to her… Yeah, kittens. OK, bye.”


Chris then explained to me that my father had just mopped the kitchen floor, and my mom didn’t want to walk across it, and she couldn’t possibly yell upstairs to him because he wouldn’t be able to hear her. Naturally, she called my house instead. OK, maybe this isn’t as funny as I purported, but to me, it’s flippin’ hilarious!

My dog. When you throw a stick to him, he doesn’t just fetch it. No, he pounces on it, scoops it up, shakes it, and then prances around with it, growling triumphantly.

Such a simple thing. Makes me laugh every time.

My Cat (not Notdog, it’s far too smart for this, this cat i call American)

American was lying in the sink

I turned on the water

Nuff said.

And you survived?

Well Euty, the great thing about it is American is such a shockingly stupid cat.

He just sat there for about 30 seconds watching the water land on him and rise (he was sitting on the drain). This gave me ample time to escape, though i had to come back to turn off the water so he didn’t flood the sink. He hadn’t moved. As i said, he’s a very, very dumb cat.