What's Mother's Day Without Gardening?

Did you remember to call your Mom this weekend and say “Happy Mother’s Day!”? I did. I almost didn’t because I didn’t want anything from her. I thought me calling her without wanting anything would be too much of a shock and I didn’t want to kill my Mom with shock on Mother’s Day with a phone call. But I called anyway and she didn’t die. So there’s that.

Since we have a Mother-type person right here at Rancho DeDay, we celebrated Mother’s Day here too. I cooked her dinner on the grill. Grilled chicken breasts. Nothing says “Mother’s Day” quite like a couple of breasts for dinner. It would have been more fun if the kids weren’t around, but without the kids we wouldn’t be celebrating Mother’s Day, just Sunday With No Kids and Breasts. It’s sort of a Catch 22 there. It would have also been even more fun if I had propane for the grill. (Everyone who’s about to tell me “The only real grilling is charcoal grilling!”, just shut up now and save everyone time.) It’s not so much fun to grill when right after the grill gets hot the flame goes poof! and stops flaming. I had new, non-cancerous grill guts, but no propane. That sucked. But I did have a little table-top grill that takes those little propane tanks. And I had a couple of the little propane tanks I use with my camping stove. So after the big grill’s flame went poof! and stopped flaming, I got out the little grill and cooked on that. But it was taking forever, so I finished up by pan-searing the chicken inside on the oven. On the griddle on the oven, (by which I really mean “stovetop”) not straight on the burners because that would have made a huge mess. I plan to go get the tank filled up with new propane today or tomorrow. That doesn’t help me for last night, but I’ll be ready for Next Time. So there’s that.

For dessert we went to the local ice cream parlor, which isn’t a parlor at all so much as a giant ice-cream-cone-shaped building they sell ice cream out of. And Black Cows. You can also get Black Cows at the ice cream place. I like Black Cows. The ice cream was nice because it was hot that day. The thermometer at the ice cream place said 91º, but I’m not sure if it was really 91º because it’s really in the ice cream place’s best interest for their thermometer to say it’s hotter than it really is. That way, if you drive by and see the ice cream place’s thermometer and it says it’s 91º you might say “Geez it’s hot!” and stop in for ice cream even if it really isn’t 91º. But it was hot and we got ice cream. So there’s that.

“What’s this about gardening you mentioned in the Title, but haven’t mentioned yet in the thread here yet?” you ask. Well, that was Saturday. The Little Woman wanted to put a few more plants in on Sunday, so there was some gardening done on Mother’s Day. I also put in my vegetable garden in on Sunday. Both plants. The big tomato plant and the cherry tomato plant. My whole “truck garden” cost me almost two smackoleans and I brought it home in the drink holders of the car. But we did some gardening on Mother’s Day. The boy’s played in their wading pool instead of gardening. With actual water in the pool so it was more fun. That was Sunday. Back on Saturday we did a big ol’ batch of cultivating. See, the Little Woman wanted to put in a flower bed by the new dog fence (which I just finished Thursday… sorta), so we went to the hardware store for supplies. After I cut the grass. And put in some landscaping blocks under the dog fence gate so Lucy couldn’t just duck under it anymore. She’s just a little dog and if there’s a hole more than four inches in any direction, well, it’s like there’s no fence even there. And since we really wanted the dogs to stay out of most of the yard so the boys could play in a Poop Free Zone, a working fence is really what we wanted. So that meant I had to place some blocks under the gate, so now it’s Lucy Resistant Fencing. (I’d say “Lucy Proof”, but who would I be kidding?) So after I got done mowing the grass and blocking up the bottom of the gate (so it was really “blocking down” since it was on the bottom) and had my shower so I’d stop being stinky I was told “it’s time to Do Something About the Flower Bed”. So much for lazing around Saturday afternoon. So there’s not that.

It was off to the hardware store with us to pick up the necessary supplies for a “Raised Bed”. Only when we got there someone noticed how stinking expensive plain ol’ dirt is. So she changed her mind and decided to go with a regular ground level flower bed. But she got extra dirt to go on our regular yard dirt. This is supposed to make our flowers better, but so far I haven’t seen any difference. Maybe once the seeds pop out of the ground as actual flowers I’ll notice a difference. But don’t count on it. She also got some wild flower seeds which, as it happens, are pretty much just like the wild flower seeds she already had at home but forgot all about. Then it was time to go back home and start tilling up the ground. Well, not right away. I couldn’t start tilling until the Little Woman chopped out all the grass where she wanted the garden with the weed whacker. She took three minutes whacking the grass and then I got to till for like 17 hours until the “tilth” (look it up) was to her liking. OK, it wasn’t a full 17 hours, but it was a long time. There was the breaking the ground up with a shovel so the tiller could get a grip, then there was the “rough” tilling and then another pass to break up the larger clods into smaller clods and then another pass yet to break the smaller clods into clod-free dirt and then I turned some store-bought dirt into out free range dirt. Then I had to pull out a bunch of landscaping blocks from the pile we made when we took out the “pond” the other people left when we moved in. The flower garden is all done now. It looks like a bunch of dirt. But I got my marigolds planted this year. So there’s that.

What I’m really saying after all that is I spent a lot of time outside this past weekend. I’ve got a good start on my farmer’s tan for the year. Chicks dig farmer’s tans. Right?

Whoo! First in a Rue thread!

I don’t really have anything to add, just wanted to be first. Except I hate gardening. I can barely keep house plants alive. I like fresh veggies, I just prefer someone else toils in the hot sun and the dirt and the bugs to get them. That works for me.

And, just for the record, I have resisted temptation, and the chocolate is still in the freezer at work. I had to make do with M&Ms. I feel so virtuous.

Whew! I’m tired just reading about your weekend. I’ve been itching to garden, but since we’re leaving this house in 2 weeks, gardening would be silly. It’s enough that I’m keeping the grass mowed.

I spent my weekend helping the kid get unpacked in her new apartment. She’s got her kitchen pretty much set up (although there still are a few things she needs to take) and her bedroom is set up except for the bed (that goes next week.) The big things that still have to go are the washer and dryer, the love seat, and the bed. There are lots of smaller things, too - I’m thinking two more loads of stuff. But my sweetie is flying home on Friday night, so he’ll be able to help.

While we were getting her moved in and stuff, I noticed several guys who live in the development checking her out. Looks like I’m throwing my lamb into the lion’s den! And I’ll be living 800 miles away!! This is somewhat disturbing…

As for the farmer’s tan, ooooooh baby! Nothing quite like the healthy bronze of a muscled forearm set off by the pasty white of the hairless belly. :smiley:

Rue if you’re gonna be out “farming” a lot, may I suggest that you invest in some good sun screen and garden shirtless and in shorts. That way you get tanned all over and it will give us MMPers who care to do so can imagine Rue gardening in nothin’ but short shorts. Hah! Ex oughta get a real kick outta that first thing! Also, purchase an extra propane tank for emergencies. A helpful Monday morning hing.

I grilled Saturday at my sister’s house. Why me instead of the bil I don’t know, but it was me who had to grill burgers and brats. See we had a cookout/pool party at my sis’s house for Mother’s Day. It was fun. That evening, I hung around sis’ and bil’s pool drinking beer. Sunday I went to church with mom, then we had lunch. Then I went home cause I had to cause I had to do some stuff and be all ready to go to work this morning. Actually, I got home around 5 yesterday and went and got in my pool for a while, then messed around on the puter. I also washed and dryed some towels, so productive stuff was done. Folded em and put em away even.

I didn’t have a date this weekend. It was all about family. I got one tomorrow night though. Dinner and errrr ummmmmm… stuff.
-swampbear(gotta go to management team meeting)

Sorry to break your heart, but this chick doesn’t dig farmer tans, especially since at the moment I have one. I have been trying to get rid of it for three weeks, but mother nature is just not cooperating. It has rained the past three weekends in both Austin and Houston, so I can’t get in any good tank top time. I really want to get rid of it before I go tubing down the Guadalupe River with my brother to celebrate his college graduation. I have some friends who suggested buying a coulple of sessions in a cancer (tanning) bed, but I am not nearly that desperate yet.


I have a poinsettia from Christmas that is still living. Of course it’s about nine inches of stick, and five leaves (one is still red), and I keep forgetting to water it. But it’s ALIVE! ALIVE, I TELL YOU! IT’S ALVIE! (Heh, what a good name - that was actually a typo, but I think I’ll name it Alvie.)

I have a dracasena (sp?) that I haven’t killed since 1992. It’s my Buddhist plant. Kill it off, and it just keeps coming back again and again and again and again - it turns into a dead stick, but then voila! – leaves all over the place. It must have bad karma debt to work off: it hasn’t returned as anything other than a dracasena. I can’t imagine waking up and finding a Shetland pony sitting in the flower pot.

My other potted plants are all weeds. Pretty ones, actually.

I had a nice Mother’s Day BBQ. With someone else’s mother. My mom’s more than a thousand miles away, but I did send her a nice card (express mail!) and a little bouquet of roses. The roses are actually made of that squishy stuff that grows in water, so in a week, she will have a bouquet of roses that has expanded 600 times its own size, and I can picture it gaining sentience over the week, trying to climb out of the glass to wreak havoc upon an unsuspecting world.

I’m not a mother, and I don’t play one on TV, but I did get to do a slight bit of mother-helping this weekend. My sister, her husband, and my two perfect nephews came to visit me this weekend. We all had a good time - the boys are four and eighteen months, and there is a third child of unknown gender currently being prepped in sis’ belly - due early September. The boys were thrilled to see me, although the eighteen month old would not say my name - he kept referring to me as “Abbie” - my sister’s friend who we saw this weekend. He was doing it deliberately though - he would point at me, say “Abbie”, and then give a smile - he knew very well who I was, he just wouldn’t say it. The boys were also thrilled to see my cats - but my cats weren’t quite as thrilled. By the end of the weekend, the boys had an imitation of my cat Jody - “hissssss”. No scratches, so everything was alright.

Saturday was our day at the zoo - capped off by pizza, strawberries and ice cream for dinner. We actually split off from bil for a while - we went home with the kids, and he stayed in the city to explore a bit. Well, as luck would have it, the boys fell asleep on the way home, and wouldn’t take their naps at home when we got there. Sis needed her rest - so it was up to Aunt Sue to the rescue! Unfortunately, Aunt Sue is not used to being woken up at 7:00 AM (and at 5:30 by 4 year old waking up in a strange place, and crying to let us know). So - Aunt Sue’s playing was - play with each other, and try not to do permanent damage - Aunt Sue is resting her eyes.

Oh - and a piece of advice - if you have a 4 year old who is bothered by loud noises, the Manchurian Candidate is not a good movie to watch while he is trying to go to sleep.

Sunday was double mother’s day - Mom & Dad were traveling nearby, so we all got together and did Sunday brunch at the Marriott. Lovely brunch - but next time, I’ll skip trying to eat any form of meal - and just do the deserts. The meal was good - but I had 4 different kinds of deserts. I would have only ended up with three, but just as we were finishing they brought out a chocolate cake - called the Great Big Rich Chocolate Cake - and I was doomed.

So - kids are gone, parents are gone - but I got to reap the booty of Mother’s day. They gave us two roses for the two mother’s - but since they were both traveling, they are sitting in a vase on my dining room table.

Now to just return my apartment to pre-children state.


I called my mom yesterday, and got the machine. Later, she actually called me! What a child I am! But she was calling me from work, so she wasn’t paying for the call. I also sent her a card. And I’ll be seeing her this weekend.

Rue, a farmer tan may not be what I look for in the Perfect Man™, but since I run a lot out in the sun, I’ve got my own version of a farmer tan. So I’d probably have to overlook it when I run across the Realistic Man™. Ah, who am I kidding? I see a man naked soon, am I really going to care where the tan ends and the pale flesh begins? :o

Nix the idea of wearing long shorts unless you are also going barefoot or flipflops, and have no plans on ever wearing a miniskirt.

I learned last summer, to my horror, that no matter how hard I try, I cannot get the self-tanner to exactly match the tanned lower thighs and calves: my feet and ankles (covered by the sneakers and ankle socks) and two inch band of white upper thighs (covered by longish work shorts) stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb (to mix bodily metaphors). I had a miniskirt and a pair of cute sandals that were totally useless because the middle of my legs were deep brown, and the feet and ankles and two inches of thighs below the skirt were completely pasty white. I looked like my torso was sticking out of a peanut butter on WonderBread sandwich.

screech-owl’s hint of the day: Make sure your workshorts are shorter than your miniskirt.

Speaking of Mother’s Day and pools (as swampy did) - this weekend, all my sibs save one went to mom’s house to help her open the pool for the year. Unfortunately, one of the valves didn’t survive the winter, despite the fact that they drained the lines before closing it last fall, so Mom has to get a plumber over to fix it. Then she’ll run the filter and eventually, she’ll have a pool full of folks.

I’ve always missed the pool openings and closings since I’ve always lived far away. On the other hand, I also miss the swimmings. So it balances out. I guess.

Good Luck with the tomato plants.

Our two tomato plants already died. :o

Worst thing about having a farmer’s tan is trying to even it out, to tan the rest of your body as much so everything will be somewhat uniform. Nothing says “I’m a nutty farmer” and “Better hide your kids” like striding out to the pool nekkid other than a sack over your neck and head and a couple of elegant white evening gloves on your arms. Poor Mrs. Crabowitz is still talking about that unfortunate day. Doesn’t she know it’s not nice to point?

Maybe Mrs. Crabowitz was pointing at what you were pointing with. :smiley:

I get a little farmer’s tan before I actually start hanging out around the pool cause of doing yard work and such. One of the nicer things about having a privacy fence and a gate with a really good lock is that I can work on the needed non farmer’s tan areas without sharing with the neighbors.

TMI coming up:

The other nice thing about having a privacy fence is when I have to pee, I don’t have to share that with the neighbors either. Told ya it was TMI. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I TRIED to garden on Saturday. The morning was just beautiful so I figured it would be a decent day. We went out for breakfast and were back by a little after 10:00 a.m. The sky was still looking decent. I then drove off to Fred Meyer to buy some purty hanging as Mom Day gifts for the Moms. I also picked up some extra bags of dirt because I had some plantin’ to do. When I left Freddie’s it was spittin’ just a little, but the sky didn’t look too bad.

I arrived home, changed my shoes, donned my new gardening gloves, opened the garage door, grabbed all the plants I had purchased over a week ago, and started setting them out.

I had no sooner dug and scraped out one hole (I have really crappy dirt, it’s mostly clay and rocks) when the sky just opened up and poured on me. I ran back into the garage and tried to wait out the downpour. Well, it didn’t quit; so I closed up the garage and went back inside. I putzed around for awhile, then looked outside. Lo and behold, the sky appeared clear and it had stopped raining.
I trooped back into the garage, opened it, donned my gloves and shoes, and went back out to scrape out some more holes. I got about six more plants in the ground and I heard thunder rumbling, the wind had picked up, and the sky was looking ominous again. Still, I persevered. Not two minutes later the sky opened up again. I was drenched. I was trying to pull my bags of dirt into the garage and make sure the remaining potted plants didn’t get battered to death. I tried outwaiting the storm again, but it still persisted in raining. So, I went back inside. The hail, rain, thunder and lightening kept up for quite awhile. Soon enough, it cleared up and I went back outside again.

I had put two more plants in the ground when the bad weather started all over again. At this point, I gave up in total disgust and stayed inside the rest of the day. I thought, I’ll just put the plants in the ground tomorrow.

Sunday arrived and the weather actually looked very nice. The kiddos and husband made me breakfast in bed and brought my Sunday paper to me. They even started cleaning up the house. When I came down they had made such progress that all I was left with was vaccuuming the areas they didn’t vaccuum, dusting, and washing the floor. By the time I was done with that I had to shower and get dressed. After that I ran to the store for staples. By that time the Moms had arrived, so I didn’t get to put the plants in the ground after all.

Husband prepared an absolutely scrumptious dinner and I didn’t have to lift a finger to help. It was a very nice day all around, AND…I didn’t get rained on.

I’m with you, dear. If I get to see a naked man, the tan is the last thing I’m going to be concerned about!

Called my Mom in the morning (on Mother’s Day). She wasn’t there. Called her early afternoon. Phone was busy. Called her early evening. She wasn’t there. Called her later in the evening. She was there, finally! She told me not to send her anything, she didn’t want anything and she should be giving us gifts because she got to raise us (my Mom is so cool). I said okay, and then went to my computer and sent her two CD’s. Not for Mother’s Day, but because I like to share music with her.

I didn’t garden this week end. I didn’t clean the house. I didn’t go shopping. I have no real recollection of how time passed. But I overslept this morning. Being bored really wears me out.

Well, I have a mom and am a mom so my weekend was really devoted to Mothers Day. Saturday, I, my sis, and her family went out to the assisted living village and carted Mum and Da to the Outback for dinner which was really lunch for me cause I’d missed mine getting the grocery shopping done and put away early so I could drive out to the assisted living village. Anyway, dinner (my lunch) was much appreciated as were the outfits I got mom to wear to dinner in the assisted living village where the ladies all dress up to dine. I had French onion soup and crab cakes for lunch. They were pretty good. Then I went home and made sketti for Mr. Anachi who spent the day painting a wall in the garage.

Sunday, it was my turn. My daughter (a/k/a the Princess Without A Country) gave me a cute card and a gold ankle bracelet. My son (a/k/a Lil Lestat or the Prince of Direct TV) gave me a cute card and some macaroni art. :confused: He had obviously worked very hard and took a lot of time. It said “I love you, Mommy” and “Happy Mothers Day” in macaroni and had a big heart with red macaronis in the center. All this would have definitely registered high on the “AW” scale except for the fact that the prince is almost 21. But, hey, he put a lot into it and, as Rue says, there is that.

Then I got to make my own Mothers Day Dinner which was salad, garlic bread and steak. It was good, too.

I just want to to point out to both my husbands, who are standing behind me, listening to me read out what I’m typing, that they didn’t get me anything for Mother’s Day. I have cats- they’re my children. Why don’t I have presents?

We took my Mum out for dinner and phoned Mr. Lissar’s Mum. It was good.

I’d weigh in on whether or not you should get gifts for being the cat’s mother, but I can’t quite get over the “both my husbands” part.

Do you have two when I have none and how is this fair?

What’s Mother’s Day Without Gardening?

I really wish I knew. :rolleyes:
Yeah Lissa, you should send Kallessa one of your husbands. It doesn’t matter which one 'cause we different men are all alike after all.

I’m sorry I didn’t get in to post while everyone was here, but I’ve been busy doing real estate stuff all day.

Mother’s Day weekend at Casa Bumbazine: Sat. A.M. we got up fairly early, for a Saturday, because She Who Must Be Obeyed was doing a walk-and-talk for one of our state legislators that morning. He’s a Republican, but his party deserted him 'cause he’s TOO MODERATE! We don’t care. We support whoever does good for his/her community, regardless of party. But I may have to re-think that.

Anyway, I got up too, ‘cause the walk-and-talkers were meeting at the real estate office, and I was gonna clean up after them after they left and then go measure a house and some other stuff. So we did and they did, and SWMBO went to walk and I went over to the house, but after while it started to rain cats and dogs and little poodle pups, so I went and got SWMBO and we went to the kids’ house for a little bit and then to Izzy’s Pizza where the walkers were meeting after. They had pretty much eaten by the time we got there, but we had the buffet and chatted with the stragglers, and then they gave us their left-over pizza, so we took that home for dinner. Them we went grocery shopping at WinCo and came home and ate leftover pizza and watched a movie the kids had lent us.

Sunday, SWMBO wanted to do yard work. I knew it was gonna be a good day for me when she said “The toilet’s leaking again.” Yeah, the same toilet I just replaced the wax ring on. Well, there was a little puddle of water next to the toilet on one side, so while she went outside I investigated. I’m satisfied that it’s okay now, but we’ll see. Then I went outside and helped in the yard for a while until her knees gave out. Then we came in and messed on the ‘puters for an hour and went to the kids’ house for dinner. Steak and salad, (we brought the salad.), and boiled shrimp, and strawberries with nuthin on ‘em. They’re on Adtkins, you know. Our salad was good though; spinach with dried cranberries and slivered almonds with Cranberry-orange vinegrette. Then we admired the grandchildren (drama-princess and robo-crawler) for a while and came home, watched TV for a little bit and went to bed.

Kinda boring this time I know, but waddya expect when you talk about Mother’s Day?

Gotta go make dinner now.

Bumbazine – pretty hungry.

So, Lissla has two husbands hmmm? Well, we know one has a broken hand from karate. So, who’s this other one? Just one you keep as a spare when the other gets broken? It’s time to tell all. We’re waiting! :dubious:

I had a church Vestry meeting tonight. Since our clerk was absent, I took minutes which I have already typed up. I’m all about efficiency. Bet that was something y’all didn’t know. Not the efficiency thing, I’m sure everybody knows that. I bet y’all didn’t know I am a member of my church’s vestry. I am a solid citizen doing my duty. Ok, actually just fool enough to agree to be elected to yet another term. Well, anyways, I like my church so I’m willing to make sure it gets run right and stuff.
-swampbear (upstanding pillar of the church)