What's my affiliation? (Long, sorry)

I work in a bar. No politics or religion is the rule, right? However, I’m asked all too often whether I’m a Democrat or a Republican. Whether I’m Liberal or Conservative. Am I a Christian? I generally reply that I’m a Capitalist and I don’t like talking politics at work. As to religion, I tell them I’m agnostic and those that know what I mean seem OK with that, those that don’t seem intimidated by the word. However. . . I’m pretty sure about being an Agnostic and a Capitalist, but I’m not too sure about Republican/Democrat, Liberal/Conservative and what exactly is a Libertarian? So here it goes, these are my views, please categorize me. BTW, I’m a 35 year old woman who should know where I stand, but somehow I don’t. I did (or thought I did) at 18 and again at 25, but lately, I’m not so sure.
(In no particular order)

–I have no problem with other women having abortions, but I would never have one myself and would hope that my sister wouldn’t either.

–I think that while labor unions had a place 50+ years ago, all they do today is protect bad employees. Bad employees who make better cash than most good employees I know. Including me.

–I think that gay marriage should be legal. Or at the very least civil unions. I know hetero couples who accidently ended up common-law married and didn’t want to be. Can we please acknowledge those who actually want to be married?

–I think marijuana should be legal. I haven’t smoked in years, but I do drink, and I think weed’s the safer drug.

–I think I should be allowed to smoke cigarettes indoors, even if in only half or part of any given building. And no, I don’t want to smoke in day care centers or hospitals, not in schools or hell, even restaurants—I’ll give you that. But please, can I have a smoke with my beer in a bar?

–I don’t think I should be footing the bill for all the beautiful children who live down the block from me. If you can’t afford kids, quit having them. Outside of emergency services, I really don’t want to support them. Or their mamas.

–As to the war in Iraq, I’m conflicted. I’m not sure we should have started it, but to me that point is now moot. We’re there. That being said, we disposed a country of their government/leadership leaving them in turmoil. I think it’s our duty to fix that. Part of me thinks we should stay until it’s stabilized. Part of me thinks that region will never really be stabilized. I have no idea what should be done.

–Illegal immigration? Against it. The complete derision I too often see towards anyone who speaks Spanish? Against that too. As to the proposed wall along the southern border, I think it’d be a huge failure, a bad precedent and a waste of money.

–George Bush. I hate the fact that so many people blame every bad thing that’s happened in the last 8 years on this poor guy. I’m not saying he’s blameless, but he can’t have caused all of this. There are 435 (right? Or thereabouts?) members of Congress that share a lot of blame for our current mess. I really don’t mind when George is blamed for what he’s done/said, but a lot of what I hear is in effect “My dog got hit by a bus. Damn Bush!” Drives me nuts.

–I love animals. I would never kick one. I own some rather adorable cats. All that being said, I think hard core PETA people are insane. Same goes for ‘Monkey Wrench’ environmentalists.

–I’m pro capital punishment.

–I think public school teachers should make more money than, say, bartenders. And I think their salaries should be paid by all the cash we take away from the serial welfare moms.

–I’m using Word 07 for the first time and I cannot find the spell check. Hope it’s not too bad.

So, I may have missed some key issues, but these are the issues I think about. Feel free to ask questions on issues I’ve missed.
How do you classify me? Or how should I classify myself? Thanks in advance.

Man: Say, barkeep, are you a Democrat or a Republican?
Bartender: I’m a bartender, good sir, and thus work for tips. Which would you prefer?

I love it! I’m going with that. The rest of you, please disregard my OP.:slight_smile:

And if pressed, you can explain that like many of us, you have some views that fit the Republican/Conservative stereotype, and some that fit the Democrat/Liberal stereotype. Sounds like an Independent to me.

I got this line from a Terry Pratchett novel I just read (Making Money).
Q: (any question you don’t want to answer)
A: Can you keep a secret?
Q: Yes, of course.
A: So can I!

You´ve gotten the answer you wanted, but in my opinion you are a leaning Democrat.

“10th level half elven fighter-magic user.”

I think you are a libertarian, more or less, you seem to favor freedom of choice over personal morals, and do not want to pay welfare, socially to the left of the republicans (and some democrats) and fiscally to the right of the democrats.