What's new, Atlas? (AI, Robotics and tech thread)

It was the juxtapositioning too; earlier she had held the apple with the new hand and cut it with the other. But yeah: I’d definitely hold with the metal hand too!

Travel faster than the wind using the wind for power:

Great links in the description for that video on YouTube, eh, including the forum discussions referenced in the video.

It’s a little counterintuitive but I am surprised that anyone with a reasonable grounding in physics (let alone a professor) would say it’s impossible.

I guess the main hurdle to get past is that contrary to expectations, it’s the wheels driving the propeller. As the video notes, the prop is acting as a fan, not a wind turbine. But beyond that I have my own explanation for how it works.

Kinetic energy is mv^2/2. The equation is not too important except to note that v^2 factor: that means it takes more energy to increase velocity as the velocity goes up. I think that’s intuitive to most people; cars accelerate more slowly as they speed up. The converse of this is also pretty intuitive–you get more energy out when you decelerate at higher speeds (your brakes heat up more decelerating from 70 mph to 60 than from 10 to 0).

The upshot is that when you’re at wind speed, the wheels are moving fast relative to the ground whereas the fan is stationary relative to the wind. So just a little bit of drag on the wheels makes more than enough power to drive the fan–and therefore the car accelerates. It’s not perpetual motion, because you’re extracting energy from the wind relative to the ground. If the air was still, then no matter what speed you were at, the wheels would have the same speed relative to the ground as the fan does to the air. Therefore, no advantage in energy efficiency and the car doesn’t accelerate.

It seems to me that this principle could be used for power generation, couldn’t it? Just replace the ground with a belt.

5 minute video about electric airplanes:

Nova just did a show on electric aviation last week. It’s well worth the watch.

If the ground is a belt, you can just bolt the car to the ground and forget the wheels completely. I think we have a name for that sort of thing :slight_smile: .

That said… it could almost be useful. Moving the turbine upwind would generate more power–more than you need to power the belt. What happens though is that you leave a bunch of “slow air” downwind, so you can’t actually generate more average power on a given track. However–if the turbine itself is for some reason super-expensive, you could move it laterally to a different track, and extract all the energy from an adjacent “tube” of air. Rinse and repeat until the slow air in the first tube has been cleared, then start over.

Not that this is really practical in any way. But I can’t exclude it on a theoretical basis…

Special effects people everywhere: “Holy shit; these crazy mofos went and built actual robots so they could film music videos with robots in them!”

Very cool! And sad. They are way better at dancing than I am.

Here is an excellent 5 minute video about a robotic grocery store/warehouse/delivery center in the UK. I agree with the concluding thought: the facility is one giant robot with thousands of parts, not just a collection of thousands of robots.

This is the future, folks, if we can manage to survive.

Humans can do such cool shit when we aren’t being dumbasses:

That is the true hivemind. Octopus approved.

Very cool!

Okay; I’m not sure but I think this is the bridge that was mentioned waaaaaay back near the start of this thread:

I thought this was the coolest part:

Deep fakes are part of the new norm now:

Robot dolphins!


Another skill exhibition!

Here’s a short video on a new AI that can take simple English directives and write code to implement the ideas. Directions can be typed in or simply spoken.

This (or something similar) is going to quickly change how the world solves problems, among other things.

I know this isn’t AI or robotics or even tech, but it is SCIENCE!