What's on your Fucket List?

I’m sure most everyone is familiar with the term “Bucket List:” a list of things you’d like to do before you die.

See the Wonders of the World, visit Venice, see the Eiffel Tower, ride in a fighter jet, go skydiving…

I recently became acquainted with the idea of a “Fucket List:” a list of things you’d do if you found out you only had a month to live; things you might not do for fear of contracting a deadly disease, or getting thrown in jail for the rest of your life.

Castrate Rush Limbaugh, find out what all the hub-bub is over “bath salts,” track down your former soul-mate, sleep with your former soul-mate, kill your former soul-mate (maybe not even in that order!).

So, what’s on your Fucket List?

I’d probably try Heroin. No doubt I’d be hooked before I could finish cookin’ it up, but I could probably afford to keep fixed up for at least a month.

Good times.

I’d go to Australia and spend my last days learning to surf and drinking Aussie beers with hot Aussie boys.

Maybe kill some tyrant in a suicide mission?

Try heroin and cocaine, certainly.

Spend all my savings on being pampered.

Okay,no, I’d have to think of my son. But I assume a true Fucket list excludes being responsible for your kids)

Up to you. I assume a continuum: some people probably feel that they are off to their final reward and will feel the need to clean up their act; others will feel the world will end once they stop perceiving it, and no debauchery would be too depraved.

I’d get out of Australia, away from beer drinking surfers

Buy life insurance.

Heroin, sure, why not.

I’d love to blow money on an expensive gorgeous call-girl (or two together), but I think it would hurt my wife, so I still can’t even if I’m gonna die.

What? You can’t do these things until you only have a month to live? Uh oh.

  • Tell my grandboss what I really think of her.

  • Transfer all our debt to my credit cards (yeah, that’s right - fuck you, Visa!)

  • Eat fugu.

Take out the entirety of the Westboro Baptist Church. And not to dinner.

I’d break all the SDMB rules until I was banned for life. Suckers … You only banned me for a month and you don’t even know it. Ha ha ha ha!

Figure out a way to get all the venom-spewing right-wing slime such as Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter, O’Reilly, etc. in a room together. Don’t know how, but what the hell, this is fantasy land.

Wait for the photo op.

I’d be wearing a BIG suicide bomb.

How do you feel about north Florida? Perhaps we could arrange a trade? :smiley:

ooo Fugu sounds like a good one, neurotoxin roulette!
*Heroin and crack cocaine [already tried nose blow, did nothing for me except numb my front teeth and make my nose run]
*Hm, tell off Queen Elizabeth - I think she should abdicate and give Chuck a shot at the crown before he drops dead. Actually, I think all ruling monarchs and dictators should abdicate for a chosen successor, might reduce unrest.
*Hold the top economists hostage and hit them with a clue by four on exactly why they are full of shit about outsourcing
*spend a month trying out all the strange drugs [except the one you have to snort up on some damned mountain at the ass-crack of dawn that makes you vomit. I hate vomiting.] I know I like shrooms and LSD, so I don’t need to do those other than as a fond revisiting. I would need to have a nice safe comfortable womb-like room to do it in, and a couple friends to help me feel safe and comfy.
*deface a national monument - how about painting the statue of Abe Lincoln in Washington.

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised some dirt poor dying hobo with a gun hasn’t tried to go down this way.

Assuming this happened before the wife and kid… sell everything I have, move to Vegas, blow it on hookers and booze, and blow, and hookers, and booze. Then, rent a really fast car, find a decent spot near the Grand Canyon, and do what Evel Knievel couldn’t…

The main thing I’ve thought about is taking opiates and benzos–why not go out happy?

I…damn. Seriously, the only thing stopping you guys from bingeing on cocaine and heroin is your health?

And as for, “I’d go and murder Persons X, Y, Z, and Q”, I have no response to that.

…well, it is kind of expensive.

For my own list, I find it more disconcerting that the legal ramifications are the only thing stopping me from killing or maiming. I do recognize that this is a bit of a thought experiment. If the diagnosis really came down, I still don’t think I could bring myself to kill someone.

Oh, I like this one!!

And I’d also tell a few people exactly what I thought of them too - both good and bad.