What's on your impeachment party playlist?

Now that it’s getting almost impossible to avoid, what do you want to sing or hear at the party?

Yes, there’s the obvious “Hit the Road, Jack”, and “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead”. But here’s a few more to help fill out the evening:

Bill Johnson’s Shorty’s Got to Go - “Let the door hit ya where the dog bit ya”.

Grace Jones’ Bullshit.

The Beatles’ “Back in the USSR” - Moscow girls make him scream and shout. :wink:

“I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead, You Rascal You”. I like Louis’ version.

If you’re feeling a little more Broadwayish, “So Long, Farewell”, from TSOM.

But I wouldn’t mind just a continuous loop of The Dubliner’s Bugger Off, Ya Bastards. “You’re a herd of bloody swine who refuse to leave the trough”.

What are some of your favorite “Go, and darken my door no more!” tunes?

This is my first thought.

Also this, from the movie musical Scrooge.

Thiswas Stevie Wonder’s kiss-off to Richard Nixon in 1974. You could probably dust it off and use it again for Trump.

This isn’t the first thing that came to mind? Bonus: you can also play the thousand and one tracks that sample the drumbeat.

Well, Go Big or Go Home Dept: This is MY Proposed idea for a Monologue for SNL with Melissa McCarthy:

“You know, sometimes I almost feel bad for Sean Spicer. Can you imagine all of this from his point of view?
~Pause Audience reaction~
I mean… what if… what if through the Darkside of the mirror… it was Sean Spicer here tonight… trying to entertain you…”
~Pause Audience reaction~

“Can you imagine? Can you imagine what he’d perform for you…?”
~Pause Audience reaction~

MM tears off velcro cover outfit to be in her Spicer-Suit…
Podium zooms to center stage…
intro to The Tubes, “Talk To You Later

Band is dressed in suits with Vaseline-Doo Trump Junior cuts…
Cast and stage crew flashing camera strobes like its a news conference…

I actually doubt we’re headed to impeachment, but if it happens, I just hope we keep Trump “Way Down in the Hole”.

Even if he actually gets impeached, there is zero chance he’ll be removed from office.

Roy Clark’s “Thank God and Greyhound, She’s Gone”.

Green Day would be involved.

If Trump manages to actually get impeached it would be because his own party turned against him in a way never seen before, even with Nixon. If things really got bad enough for House Republicans to favor impeachment it would have near-unanimous support among House Democrats and both party’s leadership would know which Senators would vote which way before the House even voted on the articles. The actual trial would be a mere formality. Both parties would have to be on the same page throughout the whole process; it wouldn’t be a political stunt like Clinton’s impeachment at all.

There is only one choice for me since he co-opted it during the election: The Stones and You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

( Incidentally, I’ve already been singing Ding Dong, The Bill is Dead)

I’m not holding my breath waiting for an impeachment, but if it does happen I’ll be ready with Steve Earle’s When People Find Out. I have also suggested this song in an inauguration day music thread.


Better add Jennifer Holliday’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”

Because Trump isn’t getting impeached. Best case scenario for you is that someone else takes office on January 20, 2021.

With Mike Penis taking over, I’m not sure celebration is in order.

Is there a song called “Wishful Thinking?”

How about Stephen Sondheim’s “I’m Still Here.”

“Go Now,” by The Moody Blues

(I know, I know. The rest of the lyrics don’t fit. But I like these.)

Sick Pence? None the Richer.


Ha! A winner.

How about PJ Harvey, The Orange Monkey?. From just last year.

There’s also In The Donald’s Face.