What's on your lunch box?

I can’t afford to eat lunch out anymore (not that I ever could, really), so I’ve taken to packing it everyday. Then I proudly carry my lunch box into work every day.

It’s a Futurama box, featuring Leela, Fry and Bender flying through space wearing helmets and rocket packs on the front. On the back, there is a scene of Leela kicking the asses of somne monstrous aliens while Fry & Bender look scared. Around the sides there are headshots of those three, Nibbler, Kiff, Dr. Zoidberg, Captain Branaigan, Amy, and the Professor.

What’s on yours?

Badtz-Maru, “The Original Space Warrior” – featuring Pandaba wearing what is apparently a Space Tutu, looking very pissed off.

For those not in the know, Badtz-Maru is a Sanrio (Hello Kitty) character who is always vaguely annoyed. His colors are black and silver. He has an alligator for a pet. His pals are Pandaba (a panda) and Hana-Maru (a seal).

Well, actually it’s a bag that I got in New Mexico.

It’s a little white bag with blue handles and has a nice colorful rooster on each side, standing on a fence.

Y’all’s sound more fun though.

mine is a big tin box with dennis the menace on it.
pull it out, and all the boys come a runnin!

[sub]well of course i’m lying about the boys…but…um…shut up damnit, that’s beside the point! [/sub]

what else would a southern girl carry but Bo, Luke n Daisy Duke. The General Lee is on the backside. Too bad it doesn’t play dixie when I open the lid. :smiley:

Mine is just a blue-purple cloth (nylon?) insulated jobbie with black trim and handles. The only thing “on” it is the oil/grease from melted cheese and lunch meats that I put there on the way from the microwave to the table.

Oh, I have the coolest lunchbox!

It’s a big plastic Mystery Machine. It’s not even shaped like a regular lunchbox, it’s shaped like a van. Hee! :slight_smile:
All the meddling kids can be seen through the windshield, and Scooby has his head out the window.

And I use it to carry my lunch in. Everyday. :smiley:

I like the reactions of my coworkers when they see my all dressed for work, carrying this ridiculous lunchbox like a little kid. Most of them are used to it by now, but there are still a few summer temps who laugh when they see me.


snap, wicked blue. i have a scooby doo lunch box. mine is all brown with a furry scooby face on the frount. also scooby doo thermos.

I had a Lance Link lunchbox. It was a few years since the series (about apes that were secret agents) was cancelled so none of the other kids knew what the hell it was all about.

I have a Keroppi lunchbox. It’s got the froggy Keroppi on it, and a few other of the crew. It’s so cute and green! I don’t carry my lunch in it though cuz the top is falling off… it just sat on my desk till I moved.

I hate Kerropi, what a prick. :mad:

I have a tin Monkees lunch box. One of my friends gave it to me for christmas about two years ago. On either side it has a picture of the guys (taken from the cover of the album Headquarters) and has the Monkees guitar logo all around the sides. It kicks Ass! I used to carry it as a purse until all my business fell out for everyone one to see in a very crowded spot. Never again. I just use it to carry lunch to work. It’s a great conversation starter!

I have Winnie the Pooh on my lunch box. My students–when I taught high school–gave it to me because I often brought my lunch in a brown paper bag and I collect Winnie the Pooh stuff. I no longer teach, but I still bring in my Winnie lunch box mos tevery day. I don’t use the thermos, though. I have an almost pathological fear of breaking it, perhaps because, as a child, I broke every thermos I ever owned within the first week of school–the thought of those little mirrored slivers of glass pouring out in my chocolate milk gives me shivers to this day. For the sanity of current schoolchilren, I hope thermos technology has improved!!
Anybody want to trade lunches? I’ve got turkey, a banana and mistic mint cookies.

It’s a black insulated thermos bag that I picked up as swag from work.

On the front right bottom corner is a little red slogan: You Too Can Tofu!
It’s on top of a logo of a sunrise, with the words :SUNRISE Canada’s leading tofufoods company.

It may be frayed, but it’s free.

Inside is a banana, kiwi, cutlery, one of those ziploc microwave boxes with tuna casserole (yesterday was a grilled shrimp and cashew stirfry), a tupperware cup with a plastic lid full of OJ, and another of lemonade. Oh, and a cranberry scone.

Touch it and die!

I have a Coleman Lil’ Oscar cooler - I carry breakfast, lunch, and a snack, plus some ice and a bottle of flavored water. It’s not sexy, but it does the job.

Today I have a chicken and pasta microwave meal, blueberry yogurt, some cukes from my garden, a couple of flavored rice cakes, and the aforementioned flavored water. I already ate my bagel and hardboiled egg sammich.

Nope, nothing sexy about that…

It’s a white plastic bag that says “Kroger.”

Mine is The Tick saying “Evil Doers - Eat My Justice!!”

(I soooo wish The Tick was still on…)

John, Paul, George, and Ringo peeking out of the portholes in the Yellow Submarine. My boyfriend gave it to me as part of an anniversary gift. Haven’t used it yet - I just got it yesterday, and I’m thinking it’ll make a nifty purse.

I got him an A-Team lunchbox. Jim dandy!

I only have class 3 days a week so, when I need to carry alunch, I just put it in my book bag. In a boring brown paper bag.

I wish they made a Michael Shermer lunch box. Wouldn’t that be cool?

No way! Where did you get it?! I must know!

And my 14" talking Tick figure must know also!