What's on your sub? (A sandwich poll)

Over here is a thread in which the OP asks why he should be bothered to subscribe. The thread title, however, suggested to me that it was a Subway ingredient comparison thread. Hint: It’s not.

At Subway, I usually go for the honey ham/turkey combo, with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard and, occasionally, pickles. I had a period in my life in which I ordered the roasted chicken breast with American cheese, bacon, pepperoni, lettuce, mayo, and every so often, I’d ask for green peppers just to shake things up a bit.

As for bread, it’s a toss up between Monterey cheddar, honey oat, and wheat.

So what’s on your sub? (Subway, Quiznos (I’ve personally never even been there, btw), or your favorite local deli)

If I feel that I need a sanwich lubricant, I’ll order mayo, if it’s juicy enough I’ll pass. Mustard for milder meats like turkey or ham, but horseradish for roast beef especially if I’m feeling feisty. Lettuce in moderation always, onions in far lesser quantities. Green peppers are never bad, neither are black olives IMO, sometimes bannana peppers are just wrong. Pickles are occasionally good, as are jalapenos.

If I go to Subway, I always get salt/pepper and their oil selection. If I’m at Quizno’s, I tend to lay off the fluids, since the melted cheese serves as the moistener/lubricant needed by the baked bread.

This topic makes me miss 101 Stuffers in Irvine. :frowning:

“I’ll have a six-inch Veggie Delite with everything on parmesan oregano, extra cucumbers and olives, swiss cheese, easy on the lettuce, can i get a little honey mustard on that too?, no mayo thanks, no oil either please, oh and could I have some pepperoncinis and jalapeno slices on the side?”

Yumm. Best part about “VDs” is that they’re just over two bucks. Though I usually leave a little something in the tip jar since my order is a slight pain in the ass.

My favorite sandwich by far has to be the ones I would make when the boss wasn’t around at the Italian Restaurant and Bakery I worked at during college.

Homemade meatballs cooked in a red mushroom sauce and chunks of Provolone tucked into an Italian Baguette and then baked until a toasty melty hot wonderfulness was achieved.


Turkey, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard.

Simple tastes for a simple guy, though I’ve been known to throw on some bacon in rare moments of spontaneity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wherever I go, I usually get some sort of ham or club sandwich - ham, turkey, roast beef, and so on. I don’t go for the salamis and bolognas. Then add cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber (if available), and tomato. At Quizno’s, I get the Traditional with no olives or onions. At Whole Foods, I get a ham and cheddar with spinach, tomato, cucumber and mayo. Good stuff, and practically a salad to boot! Or so I tell myself.

For the Italian BMT at Subway (or the typical Italian cold cut sub anywhere), I get lettuce, tomatoes, onion, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, spicy mustard (no mayo!), vinegar (no oil!), salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese.

At Quizno’s, I love their different squeeze bottle sauces, and I usually ask them to go crazy and squirt on several different ones onto my Black Angus roast beef sub.

For a cheeseburger or steak sub, gotta get grilled onions and peppers, and some ketchup or barbecue sauce. Make sure my cheese is good and melted, too! Lettuce and tomatoes are optional at this point.

I just ate Subway this afternoon. Here’s what I had:
Turkey sub on Italian cheese and herb bread (is that what it’s called?)

*A small amount of lettuce
*Green peppers
*Black olives
*That hot pepper mixture
*Lots & lots & lots of oil & vinegar
Wow, was that good.

O.K…here’s my selection.

A nice piece (about 8 inches long) of crusty Italian bread, cut in half, lengthwise and lightly toasted. A liberal amount of mayo on 1 side and an equally liberal amount of spicy brown mustard on the other side.

Salt, pepper, Oil and Vinegar.

Shredded lettuce.

A small amount of thinly sliced raw onion.

A heaping mound of hot pastrami covered by a prodigious amount of melted provolone cheese. (Both the Pastrami and Provolone should be Boars Head brand for optimal taste.)

This is to be eaten with an ice cold Dr. Browns Black Cherry Soda and followed by a quick trip to the emergency room to have my arteries cleared.

Roast beef and provolone on wheat
lots of bell peppers
black olives

and a little packet of fat-free Ranch dressing. :slight_smile:

I usually have a 6" turkey & bacon on whatever bread sounds yummy that day, with pepperjack cheese, a little bit of lettuce, and pickles. No mayo, no oils, no mustard. Ever. Everyone laughs at me, but that’s the way I like 'em.

When I’m feeling unhealthy…

Meatball with provolone or italian herbs and cheese or white bread, onions, green peppers, pickles, black pepper and parmesan cheese.

When I’m feeling in a spending mood…

Seafood and crab with provolone on italian herbs or white, onions, lettuce, green pepper and black pepper.

When I’m feeling cheap/healthy…

Veggie with provolone on italian herbs or white, lettuce, tomato, onion, green peppers, extra pickles, black pepper, extra yellow mustard and sweet vadalia onion sauce.

At Tubby’s its an italian sausage with pizza sauce.

I don’t go to Subway…I go to Port of Subs.

I usually have a small roast beef of whole wheat,with swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pepperoncinis, olives, the “shakers” (vinegar, oil, herbs, which are shaken on the sandwich). No mustard or mayo…they give me indigestion.
MMMMMM Port of Subs (Homer Simpson drool)

My stand-by is turkey, swiss or cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, green peppers, and mayo (light, preferably), on whole wheat.

I’m a boring sub person, because I don’t eat pork, which leaves out bacon, ham, and most cold cuts, and I don’t care for roast beef. I can’t stand pickles, tomatoes, olives, or mustard, and I’m even hesitant about those weird peppers and sauces. Suppose I should really expand my horizons…

6" Spicy Italian, with cheese, pickles, onions, peppers, olives, and a ton of vinegar. On plain old white bread.

I go to Blimpie’s when I can find one (which, unfortunately, is rare), and very rarely go to Subway. When at Blimpie’s, I generally get their sweet peppers, along with oil, vinegar, lettuce, tomato, and cheese on a turkey or ham sub.

But, when I make my own:

Bread (honey wheat if I have it, otherwise some kind of semi-sweet multigrain bread)
Chicken or turkey.
Cheese. (Type varies greatly on what I have handy, but it’ll always be something that goes well with the other stuff.)
Sliced apple. (Preferably Granny Smith.)
Cranberry horseradish sauce.
And maybe some mayo, if it needs more moisture.

Yum. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I usually stick with a 6" turkey. If it’s at Subway, it’s on Parmesan Oregano - otherwise, wheat. Mustard, lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, green peppers, banana peppers, & cucumber. If it’s a weekend, I treat myself to the sweet onion teriyaki at Subway - no mustard, no extra sauce, same veggies + I do the meal, with baked Doritos (Cooler Ranch if available, otherwise regular). Diet coke with meal.


My usual Subway order is a 6" turkey and swiss on the Herb and Cheese bread, lettuce, onion, sometimes pickles, honey mustard, honey mustard, and more honey mustard.

Something with lots of meat products…I want to be biting into a sandwich so meaty the vegan 3 blocks away suddenly cringes :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Italian-type subs, and have them everywhere I go. Some are better than others (though I’ve never had a bad sub). I have a 12" on white or Italian, with their combination of meats, then provolone, lettuce, tomatoes and onions (sometimes banana peppers), once across with the oil and vinegar, and salt & pepper.

Best sub in town is at the Publix grocery store. Hands down over everybody! The Publix Ultimate. Yum!