What's Similar to a Chaos Tower?

My son would like a Chaos Tower for Christmas. This looks like a toy that would be both fun and educational, and I’d buy it if I had the money, but we’re a bit strapped this year. (The original is $125, plus shipping). Can anyone recommend something similar that is cheaper, and would be available around the Denver area?

There used to be a boardgame called “Mousetrap” that I remember having hours of fun with, putting the trap together and setting it off. Don’t think we ever once actually played the game.

Maybe one of the K’nex or Lego sets?

If the kid’s sufficiently skilled, just let him into the garage. Make sure dad’s got the GOOD tools locked away first, tho. Much more fun than any kit.

Then again, I’m askin’ Santa for a chaos tower. q;}

There’s a Chaos Tower on Ebay right now for a $55 “Buy Now” price.

That’s correct but you have to scan the entire posting as it is NOT in the usual “Buy Now” location but down the page a ways.
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