What's taped to your monitor?

I regularly use 7 computers (5 desktop, two laptop; some mutually owned, some mine; some at home, some at workplaces) and have nothing taped to any of them. I do not like sticky residue. And my wotkspaces are personalized enough without sticking stuff to monitors, keyboards, phones, etc.

At home, nothing.

At work, a formula to convert cubic feet of tankage to barrels of oil. I had to figure that out once, and if I ever need to do it again, I’ve got the magic conversion constant right there.

At work, some phone numbers, a password on a yellow sticky (classic), the ‘STOP!’ warning from a UPS telling you to connect the battery first, and a label from a label maker informing everyone that ‘I am kewl’.

Here, it looks to be… a packing slip for a wireless router I ordered last year (stuck there just 'cause it was sticky), and a small piece of cellophane tape with an arrow on it; this because a video card I owned 1 PC and 2 video cards ago wouldn’t show the targetting reticle in my favourite game. Load game, shoot wall, apply tape, go to town! :smiley:


At home, I use a laptop, and at work, I use a flat-screen computer. In both cases, I do not have any room to tape anything to the monitor.

A Newbury Comics toothy smile guy sticker, a Major League Baseball authentication hologram sticker, and a Magic Hat beer bottle cap that says “Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?” Hanging from my monitor is a lanyard thingy holding my tickets from the 2004 World Series.

I like baseball.

Sounds like you need one of these… Both have calendars. Rainlendar has a to-do list. Atnotes is more customizable (colors, transparency, font, etc). I have not had a problem with spy or ad-ware from either of these.
Rainlendar http://www.ipi.fi/~rainy/index.php?pn=projects&project=rainlendar
Atnotes http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_description/0,fid,17660,00.asp

Nothing on my lcd at home. At work I have one sticky saying “call Progressive” (for an old car-wreck claim. The note isn’t needed anymore."

While I have nothing taped to my monitor, we have two small ninjas crawling up the air vent.

My desktop has a fortune from 3 years ago:
:slight_smile: The challenge you are facing is just what you need. :slight_smile:

Nothing is taped to my monitor, at home or at work. At this particular moment, I am visiting my parents, and on their monitor the only thing I see is a printout of some detailed instructions for copying and pasting text in Windows.


This concerns me not nearly as much as the fact that my mother just asked me how to do that this afternoon. While I was seated at her computer. With the detailed instructions directly in front of us.


Evidently, my father taped the instructions there (some time ago, I’d say, from the condition of the paper), since which time my mother has never once even glanced at it to see what it was he’d put there. I suppose …


A postit, secured with tape, reading “Don’t burn CD’s with Roxio!!!” I’m a slow learner.

2 Lord of the Rings buttone (Legolas & Aragorn)

A wooden Papillon cut out… used to be a keychain, but the ring thingy broke off and ir was too cute to throw away.

A picture of Ace Young

A blurb I cut out of a dog magazine YEARS ago that says: From time to time, when a certain person and a certain dog meet, something happens that is just like magic! It is as if they have known each other before. Each knows what the other is thinking and feeling…the greatest gift these friends will share is knowing what is in the others’ heart. They will be together always.

Sitting on top of the monitor is a Legolas figurine, and a little plastic armadillo. Don’t ask.

several business cards, a couple phone numbers, some llow-value passwords, and a 7’x3’ printout in bold reading


Open office arrangement, see.

oops, inches, not feet.

**DeVena, **thanks for saving me from being the Doper with the most cluttered monitor. :slight_smile:

I have stuck to the monitor:

Some sort of Hawaiian flower made of paper that my sister got me on her last trip to the islands.

Three fish stickers.

A plastic bee with a crown (and another one that fell off and is now sitting on the monitor’s base waiting to be stuck on again.)

Eight Ferrero-Rocher stickers from the tops of those gold-wrapped chocolates.

A sprig of holly sticker.
On top of my monitor are:

Eleven little goldfishes that I got from a gumball machine.

A big bug I made with Sculpy and gold wire.

A tiny ceramic doggy I think I got a yard sale last year.
I think I’ll take the Ferrero-Rocher stickers off.

I did have two post-its on there. One was a reminder to call my daughter’s doctor and make her an appointment. I called and made the appointment quite some time ago (in fact, I made the appointment, took her to the appointment, took her to the followup appointment, and on Friday will take her to a secondary appointment decided upon at the followup apointment), but never took the post-it down. I just did, though, and threw it away…

The second post-it has the username and password for my business website. They are sort of long and complicated and I don’t use them regularly enough (only when I update the website) to memorize them. But I use them too regularly to want to file them. So I stuck them on the front of the monitor and there they bide.

A sticker saying 15" Monitor £23 from when I bought it 4 years ago. Yes I’m that lazy :smiley:

Nothing on my home monitor.

Different story for my work monitor. I frequently have to do so much multitasking at work that I find it helps me to tape to that monitor little reminders of tasks that I will need to do the next business day or within a few days.

Just a very small sticker:
I’m not mean, you’re just a sissy

posted by my mean daughter because everyone knows I’m a big sissy

I stick Post-its on my case, not my monitor. The only thing stuck to my monitor is a diagram of the Dvorak layout (yes, I’m attempting to learn it and no, it’s not going that well).