What's on Your Mouse Pad

Well, My mouse pad has a picture of Dilbert on it and he is sitting at a computer and his boss is walking by. Above the picture is a quote saying “How did people ever look busy before they had computers” hehe. I was wondering what other people had on their mouse pads.

What did you expect?

Mickey Mouse.

Blue. And a wrist gel pad.

Marvin the Martian claiming the Earth’s moon for Mars (he has a flag with Mars on it, which looks like a Japanese flag except the red circle looks like a planet; I just noticed this after having the pad for a long time) and holding a ray gun menacingly. :slight_smile:

I have a state fund compensation insurance one.Just call me Mr excitement.

Mine is a pink and silver heart with the Powerpuff Girls on it. Bubbles is in the middle scared saying “Oooh no…a mouse!?”

:slight_smile: It’s cute…

Er… it’s white. It feels like a cutting board. And it says “Everglide - Everglide.com

How else are you supposed to play Quake 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine has Kenny from South park, saying “Dude, that kicks ass!”

i have a black watch mouse rug.

The one I use at work is big and round and has a a stick picture of a drilling rig and my company’s name. I like it. At home I’ve got a Gateway cow skin thing whose appearance is dominated by accumulated grime. I like it, too.

Mine has a view of Earth as seen from space, and a satelite. Could be Skylab. Picture might be that old.

The one on main machine at home has my poem “Chasing the Rainbow” that I wrote back when the ex and I were first dating… blue sky background with a cloud and a rainbow crossing it, the words to the poem written down the length of it.

The one on my secondary machine at home has one of my other poems I wrote (and the one that’s actually been published) “Games Master”. It’s on a black and green checkerboard background, the poem written in white (it’s also my favorite poem, so I try to keep that mouse pad cleaner :slight_smile: )

At work, it’s just a black mouse pad with a gel wrist rest.

A cartoon from College Roomies from Hell!!!, Dave holding Chester, pointing outwards, and saying, “That’s not a real mouse, you know…”

I use a plain piece of white paper as a mousepad. (It cleans the mouse as you use it)
Consequently, I also use it as a note pad, and so it has notes and messages jotted onto it.

Vincent van Gogh’s Self-Portrait in Front of the Easel

I also have one of those wrist gel thingies resting on Vince’s tummy.

I meant to include this:


Mine is cut out in the shape of a mouse. It’s purple.

A picture of me and two of my friends, pretending to be snails.

I can’t remember the name of the artist, but mine is that surrealistic painting “The Scream”. When I was trying to learn how to use the computer it seemed so right.

Recently got an optical mouse and no longer need a pad. I just use my desktop. Last mousepad was the Mystery Science Theater 3000 planet logo.