What is on top of your computer monitor?

Starting from left to right:
1-Small alligator head with a fake tounge and a rubber frog in it.
2-Mr bendy
3-2 small rubber snakes
4-A red plastic army man talking on a radio
5-Big plastic stegosaurus with a plastic robot looking dude sitting on top with a rubberband harness
6-A mellinium bug
7-Gumby and his pal Pokey
8-A very old (70’s) Nestle Crunch bar promo guy that has a hard hat on, bendable arms, and some crazy boots.

Here at home - my QuickCam
At work - papers, a book, I think, dust

Oh it should be noted I have 2 computer monitors at work that I have to stare at all day. that’s why I can put so much stuff on it.

At home: Nuthin, the monitor’s a tight fit in the cabinet.

At work: A wind-up Patrick Starr from Spongebob Squarepants, possibly to be included in the next White Elephant Swap.

  1. cheesy plastic fish from Japan, avec magnet
  2. fuzzy reindeer
  3. fuzzy pink pig
  4. fuzzy kangaroo from Australia
  5. fuzzy orange pumpkin
  6. squishy yellow brain (my boss got me that because he know I didn’t have one har-de-har)
  7. butterfly keychain from Kuala Lumpur
  8. dust.

lord I have to clean up in here.

God, this is boring. But ever since my little beanie-version of The Count from Sesame Street tumbled off, all that sits there now is a piece of cardboard showing one of my passwords that I can never remember.

On top of my monitor…

two pictures of The Littlest Doper[sup]TM[/sup]

Yellow stickied (is that a verb) around the edge…
notes regarding files I need to fix
phone numbers often used
student numbers of “problem” students
program syntax that is not intuitive and not in the Reference Manual

ditto on dust.

A big hairy spider with leg span of about 9 inches

A pair of novelty glasses, with holographic bulging, bloodshot eyes. (Big brother is watching, and I thinks he’s got a hangover.)

[hijack] Briminator, I’ve got a two-monitor setup at work, too, for the video editing system I work on (Softimage DS). What’s your setup for? [/hijack]

A Star Wars figure (Darth Vader).

He’s too much of a badass to let anyone else hang out up there.

A cheapy shell necklace that one of the faculty picked up for all the staff when he was in Hawaii…doing research, the dog!

2 stickies: one showing the difference between “effect” and “affect”, the other doing the same for “it’s” and “its”.

Depending on what I get for The White Elephant, I may be making an addition.

Work monitor:

[li] Sea turtle vertebrae (backbone and tail segments (unknown species)[/li][li] A small orgy of plastic lizards[/li][li] A small plastic Bald Eagle[/li][li] A small plastic California Condor (wings outspread)[/li][li] A squeaky toy Buddhist monk with a latte and cellphone[/li][li] A screen wiper brush from the ‘Jacksonville Convention and Visitors Bureau’[/li][li] Far too much dust (now taken care of)[/li]
Taped to the sides of the monitor:
[li] A picture of me when I was four[/li][li] A picture of my family and me at my cousin’s wedding[/li][li] Far too many sticky notes[/li][li] A map of all the new Florida area codes (all 14 of them)[/li][li] A postcard of a traffic light with the green on top[/li][li] An autographed picture of the guy in the McPhee catalogue selling the squeaky monk[/li][li] Several cartoons related to birds and conservation[/li][li] A sticker of an African Blackbuck (writing is in Arabic)[/li]
Home monitor:
[li] Three plush toy buffalo[/li][li] A plush toy moose from mom (who thought it was a buffalo)[/li][li] A tiny [1"] green plastic alien wearing orange boxing gloves[/li][li] ‘Neo’ collectible figure from “The Matrix”[/li] Far more dust than the work monitor (to be taken care of when I get home)

A dalmation with a bobbing head that’s supposed to go in a car but ya know it’ll get there when I get a car sigh that’s what my best friend gave it to me for.
A stuffed turtle from the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific, my best friend has it’s twin, we have yet to name them.
Lots and lots of dust.


[hijack]hey Paul The Younger wish I needed these monitors for that, I’m a dispatcher for a bike messenger company. One monitor shows all the couriers the other all the unassigned jobs. eh it a living [hijack]

Monitor 1

Pewter dragon holding a note reminding me to check my work.

Monitor 2

Multicolored legos in the shape of an x
Burger king toy from anastasia (the bat holding an eyeball)
Miniature police car with working lights and siren

and my favorite:

Cool looking pen emblazoned with the windows xp logo.
It stopped working after 3 days (much like windows xp)

A seal squishy stress-reliever thingie from the aquarium in Boston.
2 more squishy stress-reliever thingies from ‘Intellimark’, some computer company.
a fortune from a fortune cookie that reads ‘Your path is difficult but will be amply rewarded’.
a kit kat wrapper.

Home monitor:

[li] Webcam.[/li]
[li] Small plastic wind-up skull; the jaw goes up and down when you wind him up, and you can wear him as a pin.[/li]
[li] Little red Oscar Meyer Wiener Whistle.[/li]
[li] Plastic wind-up yellow alligator; his jaw moves too when wound.[/li]And my favorite:
A rubber iguana… my “Monitor Lizard”!

Here at work

  1. two rubber cats with picture frame heads (pix of personal cats in frames)
  2. one rubber dog ditto
  3. Hi, Opal!
  4. Squishy pyramid, the origin of which I do not know (nor am I familiar with the company whose logo is on it)
  5. Squishy cow sent to me by a company who produces such tchotchkes as incentive give-aways.

At some point there will be one more of each of the rubber dog and cat frames, since my second dog and other cat would be upset if they discovered they’d been left out.

At home

My rolodex. Won’t fit anywhere else.

Monitor 1
[li]A stuffed smilie face that giggles when I throw it against the wall[/li][li]A “Buddy Jesus” ala Dogma[/li][li]a ceramic Buddha mug[/li][li]a tigger pez dispenser[/li][li]a tweety bird pez dispenser[/li][/ul]

Monitor 2
[li]a bobble-head Steve Yzerman[/li][li]a ceramic Tigger[/li][li]my handspring visor hot-sync cradle[/li][li]box of tissues[/li][/ul]

Gosh, it’s amazing how much crap fits up there.

At home - the GingyCam[sup]TM[/sup]

At work - Nothing on top, but assorted business cards (including my own so I don’t forget the address), sticky notes with phone numbers, and important codes for the office software system. Like I’d forget them after using them for the past five years!

Welcome to the boards, dentarthurdent.