What's The Alternative To A Wristwatch?

Yesterday my watch strap broke. Today, after a day of not wearing a watch in what must be years; I’ve decided I kind of like not having something strapped to my wrist. It feels liberating. Trouble is, I still like to know the time.

Does anyone know of any sensible time-keeping devices that would work as an everyday, practical alternative to a wristwatch? And I don’t mean something that looks like my great-grandfather handed it down.

(I’m sticking this in GQ, cos I’m after a factual answer. But I’ve a feeling in may turn IMHOish. Mods do what you see fit.)

Cell phone or PDA?

What’s wrong with a pocket watch?

I had to stop wearing my wristwatch about three months ago due to a ganglion in my wrist (caused, IMO, by the massive heavy Storm watch). It was rather disconcerting at first, but now I use a) clocks on shops and other buildings, or b) my mobile phone.

looks at taskbar
“It’s 4:25.”

I too, stopped wearing a wristwatch a couple years ago. For me, it was because I have sensitive skin and any kind of strap (metal, cloth, leather) made my skin itch or develop eczema. Problem is, I’m a time freak, always needing to know the time.

If I was male and had pockets, I’d carry a regular wristwatch in my pocket. In fact my dad has been doing that for over 10 years. But female clothing (other than jeans & dockers) rarely have pockets.

So, I make sure I have a few time-telling devices around - I carry my cell phone in an easy-to-pull-out pocket of my purse; I rely on the computer clock while working; I have a tiny keychain “watch” that I clip onto my backpack while hiking or traveling; and I have a clock visible in every room in the house.

I carry a wristwatch with a busted strap around in my pocket… I also have a palmpilot, pocketPC, blackberry pager, and electronic personal organizer, all of which have timekeeping functions. :slight_smile:

cell phone is a good option if you use one regularly (as in it’s always at hand). Otherwise, I’ve been using a pocket watch for years. Nothing big or fancy but I like it. You could also just carry a regular watch just not on your wrist. (On a loop, pinned in place, attached to clothing or bag, etc. You get the idea).

I’ve long carried a pocket watch. Fits in nicely with my three piece suits, that I typically wear every day.

There are a couple of guys at work that have recently been wearing a watch that clips to a belt loop. It looks like a wristwatch buy only has a half band with a swivel clip that attaches to your first belt loop. It appears quite convenient and has easy accsess. I have been thinking of getting one because I can not stand to wear one on my wrist. They both said they got thiers at Wal-Mart.

Larry Niven, in his story “Cloak of Anarchy”, posited a guy with a digital watch tattooed on his wrist. Some embedded circuitry powered the tattoo so that it functioned as a watch. I want one.

I have both a pocketwatch and wristwatch, but since I started carrying a cell phone, the pocketwatch seemed redundant, since I could more easily whip out my cell phone and read the time.

But the newer cell phones, like the one I just got a couple of days ago, have a clamshell design that means you have to open it up before you can read the time, so now I have a good excuse to start carrying the pocket watch again.

If you have time on your hands…oh, right, you don’t…try this…http://www.exploratorium.edu/science_explorer/sunclock.html

For women, it’s not hard to find watch necklaces.

As a retiree, this is where I get to snicker about folks who still need watches. :smiley:

** A Pocket Sundial?**

I’ve worn a pocket watch for decades. Not hard to find new ones that are as flashy as you want, or as understaed as you want.

That’s what I’ve got. 10 bucks at walmart. I love it.


I carry a Swiss Army pocket watch, which is a nice companion to my SA pocket knife. Rugged, sharp looking, nice features; nothing grampish about it. It is also available with a leather belt pouch.

I stopped wearing a watch when I got a cell phone.