What's the best rum to use for rum and cokes?

Pretty much says it all…

In my experience, and a true drink conossieirir -Gah!- “liker” might argue this, but any mid-priced, even quality low-priced rum would do, depending on to whom these drinks are served, as the coke seems to take out much of the signature.

When I’m out, I drink rum and coke almost exclusively, and I prefer Bacardi Light. Nothing fancy, but it’s usually the best light rum available. If I want to splurge a little, I like the Bacardi Anejo.

Asked for a simple rum and coke, most bartenders will serve up their well light rum. It’s rare for anybody to use any of the darker or overproof rums with being asked for it specifically.

um, does it have to be a standard light rum?

i’m VERY fond of Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, it makes a GREAT r&c with a difference.

Another vote for Captain Morgan’s. Almost tastes like a vanilla coke with a kick, and it goes down smoooooooth. Excellent for seducing members of the opposite sex. :slight_smile:

Occasionally, a bartender will accidently serve me a Captain and Coke, at which point I will swear up and down that one tiny sip of the noxious concoction has fouled my tastebuds and ruined my whole night.

Then I’ll chug half of it while they make me a new one :smiley:

…if you’re going to be really traditionalist about it, and prepare the rum-and-cola drink known as a Cuba Libre (rum-n-Coke + dash of lime), it would almost have to be Bacardi and Classic Coke. Otherwise, most light rums will make very little if any noticeable difference from each other (ditto among many of the standard gold rums). The only really noticeable differences will be if you add any of the premium or flavored ones.

Bacardi spiced run with coke isn’t bad either. Sweeter that Captain. All in all I prefer my Captain Private Stock the best.

I’m fond of Meyer’s, myself. It has a molassas-y quality that stands up well to the sweetness in Coke.

The only rum worth drinking (that I can afford to imbibe on a regular basis, natch) is Appleton Estate.

Light rum is for weenies :smiley:

Without a doubt, the best rum for a proper run & coke (or Cuba Libres; or even better, mojitos) is Havana Club. Which you can find anywhere in the world, except the U.S. The best white rum I’ve ever had, and the 7 year old is perfect for drinking straight up.

That’s reason enough for me to end the embargo.

Barbarian- When I’m in Jamaica (twice a year), I drink Appleton White. It’s a pretty good light rum. Some of the other Appleton rums, however, taste rancid to me at least.

On the suggestion of friends, I once tried drinking Bacardi 151 and Jolt.

I was wide awake with a hangover at 2 a.m.

Don’t do that.

Captain Morgan all the way.


These friends, do they actually like you?

As for the OP, I’d usually drink Bacardi or Captain Morgan’s, but I had some black rum once (can’t remember the brand), and it was most excellent.

I agree with Athena, I perfer dark rum in anything, and use Meyer’s for rum-and-coke. Light rum has no identity.

Stroh rum, baby. As a shot, think liquid flaming butterscotch, but it mixes very nicely.

Has anyone tried Trinidad rum?. Most are the colour of whisky and the taste is halfway between Bacardi and the traditional dark rums from Jamaica and Barbados. They make an excellant rum and coke and this was the type I drank when I worked in Trinidad a few years ago. I think one brand is called " Vat 19 " and don’t forget the song " Rum and Coca-Cola " is about Trinidad.

I forgot to say that the proper name for this product is " gold rum " and the link below illustrates the time of rum I was talking about. :-


Another vote for Captian Morgan and Coke.

But if I’m making them, I’ll buy the cheapest spiced rum in a glass bottle.