What's the best song off of "Revolver"?

Previous polls (still active): Please Please Me, With the Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles For Sale, Help!, and Rubber Soul

There can be only one–which would you choose?

The best Beatles album and my favorite album of all time.

Hmm - completely unchoose-able. I went with I’m Only Sleeping because it’s, well, a sleeper hit - I just love the feeling it captures…but really, pretty much every song is brilliant…

ETA: Oooo - can I pick Rainbecause it was a single-only release produced while Revolver was being recorded and therefore part of the same collection? :wink:

I thought this was the hardest one yet. I love this album and I could have made a case for Taxman, Eleanor Rigby, I’m Only Sleeping, Here There (which I chose), She Said, For No One, and Tomorrow Never Knows.

I assume the Past Masters discs will be an option later on.

Went with “Tomorrow Never Knows”. So far ahead of its time, it’s still modern.

Even so, I’m hoping “For No One” and “Got to Get You Into My Life” get some votes. McCartney killed it on this album (as did Lennon, IMO, but I’m much more a Lennon fan anyway).

You are correct.

actually quite an easy choice - the more interesting question (and for me almost impossible to answer) would be: ‘what is the 2nd-best song on Revolver after Tomorrow Never Knows?’

Absolutely no question. The other songs are good, but Eleanor Rigby is sublime. Like others have said, this would be a very difficult poll if we had to choose the second best.


My favorite album of all time. I must have, over the course of my life, owned 6+ different copies, the formats spanning my life…

Mp3’s (well, I burned one of my CD’s - I guess that counts)

I could literally pick any of the songs off of this one, as it’s my favorite LP of all time. Earlier, when I voted in the Rubber Soul poll, I was convinced that my vote would be for either “Tomorrow Never Knows” (which I predict will run away with the victory in this poll, and is the de rigueur choice of the skinny jeans wearin’, unkempt beard and nerd specs sportin’ crowd) or “Here, There and Everywhere”, but ultimately (read: today) I felt quite compelled to go with “Eleanor Rigby”.

But as I said, there’s not a bum track on the whole album.

MTCicero, did a gang of hipsters pick on you in junior high? I notice you take every opportunity to take digs at the Pitchfork crowd, even when it’s not an issue in the thread.

woodstockbirdybird, what’s the matter, did I strike a nerve, or somethin’?

Minus the skinny jeans, that’s me. (But I did used to wear hats a lot, so that still counts. )
I voted for I’m Only Sleeping. My brethren shall do the same. Tomorrow Never Knows is to Revolver as Pet Sounds is to The Beach Boys, far too obvious to be really cool. Of course loving Revolver at all is a bit obvious, the real hep cats are into Rubber Soul.

No, but seriously, I’m Only Sleeping is my pick. I was listening to Revolver on my way to work this morning in anticipation of this thread, and I am confirmed. No other song on that album makes me happy the way that I’m Only Sleeping does.

Great freakin song, and my band used to do a cover of it. :smiley:

Here, There and Everywhere vs. Eleanor Rigby - may as well ask me which is my favorite testicle.

I went with HT&E (and my left nut, if you’re curious).

No - I’m sure it would wound me to the bone if some anonymous message board poster made fun of my clothing style, but I’m way too old to be a hipster. Just wondering why you have such a hard-on for the subject, is all.

Hm. Never knew I’d get looked down on for loving Tomorrow Never Knows. Chose it anyway. I love the tempo of that song.

If it wasn’t for I’m Only Sleeping, I probably never would have fallen in love with the Beatles. Still, I could have picked almost any song on this LP. Lately, I’ve really loved For No One. And She Said, She Said.

Yep - I skipped over TNK because it was the obvious choice in terms of blowing open the whole psychedelic scene, but it doesn’t bring the smile to my face the way I’m Only Sleeping does. Same with the descending riff on She Said - every time I hear them cycle through that riff, I smile. TNK is a song you can’t go wrong with as a choice, however…

I would disagree with your statement about Revolver vs. Rubber Soul - the Conventional Wisdom choice for best Beatles is Sgt. Peppers; deep hipster fans and other middle-era Beatles nuts go with Revolver and hardcore power-poppers go with Rubber Soul since that album basically invented the Power Pop genre in one fell swoop. The Power-Poppers then go on to lament the tragedies of Badfinger and Big Star, the failure of the Raspberries to get and stay huge, Cheap Trick’s underappreciation, etc. - all of which I agree with (I love power pop), but not obsessively so.

…just sayin’ :wink:


My hat (the one I don’t wear anymore) is off to you sir. Well played.

Yeah, this actually wasn’t quite as tough as I thought it would be, because as I contemplated brilliant song after brilliant song, there’s one that kicks me in the gut every time I listen to it–the remarkably insightful song about a subject that’s an especially astonishing choice for a handsome, 20something, wealthy guy who at the time could have had his pick of nearly any woman, any companion; the song featuring a straightforward but lovely lead vocal, gorgeous harmonies, and an ambitious, sublime orchestration; the song that’s hearbreaking yet never mawkish thanks to its almost clinical lyrics about unglamorous, small little lives. Eleanor Rigby outclasses the rest for me, and that is really saying something, because this album… it’s just a breathtaking accomplishment.

The second tier (and being called thus on such an album is no insult!) would be the blistering Taxman and She Said, She Said; the innovative genius of Tomorrow Never Knows (though IMHO to heck with John, it’s Starr, Martin and Emerick who’re the MVPs here); the joyful And Your Bird Can Sing; gemlike For No One and Here, There and Everywhere; and the kickass Got to Get You Into My Life (Jesus, Paul really was on fire!) that’s so fresh I always thought was a Wings song from the late '70s. But how can I leave out I’m Only Sleeping and Yellow Submarine? Ugh, I can’t decide.

I almost hate to consider anything third tier. Doctor Robert drives so hard despite being feather-light, ditto Good Day, Sunshine. Love You To but only 'cause the title annoys the hell outta me. :smiley: It’s actually a terrific song. And I Want to Tell You is marginally less gripping than the 2nd tier songs, but has the wonderful Indian vocalise bit at the end, not to mention the dissonant piano that adds such an edge.

This is tied for first of my favorite Beatles albums, with Abbey Road. AB gets it for nostalgia – I grew up listening to that. I only heard Revolver for the first time last year, believe it or not (though I knew the most popular songs off of it – ER, HT&E, GTGYIML, and YS), and its astonishing genius arrested me the instant I heard it. It’s not just that there are no duds. There aren’t even any “meh” songs in the bunch!

I went with TNK because I always think about what it must have been like to be back in 1966, picking up the latest Beatles album, Revolver taking it home to hear the first time… and the last song you hear is Tomorrow Never Knows.

It would’ve changed me.

It is, imho of course, the best closing song on any album I’ve heard, including A Day in the Life.

Taxman is one of the few Beatles songs that I really, really like.

Good Day Sunshine I used to really like too, until I worked at this breakfast banquet event a couple years ago and it was played over and over for 3 hours straight on the PA.