Whats the best way to build a 6 pack of Abdominals?

All these gimmics and trashy non-ideal methods of building abs really makes you wonder how you do it…

Does anyone know an affective way without putting out your back doing crunches?

()() <----- model example :smiley:

Hey IMATION, check the forum descriptions before you start new threads. I don’t mean to get snippy, but I know you’ve been told this before.

Oh, and another thing: posting the same question in two forums is not a good idea.

good answer

The fact that you’ve managed to have 5 of your threads locked across 2 different forums within a few days of registration is a clear signal that you are doing something wrong, as is the fact that so many of your OPs aren’t attracting responses.

You would do well to follow Audrey’s advice and read the forum descriptions unless your intention is to become the subject of endless Pit threads.

Every other thread you start gets locked.
You post threads in the wrong forums.
You post the same threads in 2 different forums.
If your thread bombs, you start a new one all over again.
You roll your eyes at a very nice reg that was trying to cut you a break and give you some advice.
Why don’t you start a thread about how all the mods are asses without having any proof to back up your statements?
You are on a one way trip to banishment. (DUM DUM DDDUMMM)
Straighten up and fly right and maybe you will survive.

Ya know, IMATION, you may think I’m on the bitch patrol, but I’m not. I answered your GQ question on reverse psychology as best I could, with as much patience as I could muster. Maybe my irritation with your posting style showed. If it did, I apologize, because at that point you’d done nothing to me personally. But now, quite frankly, you’re annoying the hell out of me. Your posts take effort to read. You’re still ignoring the forum descriptions. You’re cross-posting now. And while some of your threads ask interesting questions and provoke thought, you’ve started enough of them to make that Brazilian porn mag editor seem quiet and incurious.

Believe it or not, I’m trying to help you by telling you to take care to post in the right forum and to not cross-post. Like Mercutio said, I’m a very nice reg. :slight_smile:

Roll your eyes at me all you want, if it makes you feel better. My feelings don’t bruise that easily.

A good rule of survival for you would be to just reply to other people’s threads for the next month(year?:)) or so.

Then after you catch the hang of this place, start your own threads.

This one would have been a toss-up between General Questions and IMHO.

waits for David B or Gaudere to come by with the magic padlock

Man, I really didn’t get your reference about a “brazilian porn mag editor”

That’s what the search function is for. You could look up the phrase “brazilian porn mag editor”, or just “Smartt”.

[Moderator Hat ON]

Get ye the fuck over to General Questions or IMHO with this sort of question. Asking how to get a six-pack is in no wise a Great Debate. Since David and I have already dealt with your propensity to post in the wrong forum repeatedly already, I am disinclined to even do you the courtesy to move this. Kindly read the forum descriptions and post appropriately. I am locking this thread.

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