What's the best word to replace "trump" in its common usage?

My family likes to play cards. It’s become a running joke that we pretend to spit every time we use the word “trump.”

You trumped my ace? (spit)

Apart from it’s origin in card games, “trump” has come to be a common term for one thing that’s intrinsically more important than another.

Health concerns trump my desire to eat pizza for every meal.

Unfortunately, Individual 1 has tainted the word “trump,” probably forever. So my question is, is there another word we can use? Do we have to invent one?

Overruled? Surpassed?

How about obama?

I was going to suggest “obama,” too. Seems a particularly appropriate substitution.

“Barack” rolls off the tongue nicely.

I like the spitting, very Corner Gas. I’m going to start doing that too. :slight_smile:

Among serious suggestions, “override” is usually good.

“Okay, spades is obama.” Awkward, but I could probably get used to it.

“Wear your bike helmet, because safety obamas your desire for the breeze in your hair.” I like it!

In Bridge, Trumps could be Obamas.

But “No Trumps” should not be called “No Obamas”, they should be called “Bidens”. Or, even better, if he ends up in jail, the name of the prosecutor who puts him there.

To avoid both the word “trump” and also avoid using a word that remind you of why you aren’t saying “trump” every time you use it AND to avoid using a word in an entirely new way (neologism), you could use “master”, as in:

“OK, bid is four, spade is master suit”

“I just mastered your king with this four”

“Uh, what’s master in this hand?”

I haven’t been able to bid a suit contract for nearly four years.

Hmm, I hadn’t considered that saying “Obama” would remind me of the t-word.

The best word I can think of that fits both card-playing and general usage is “supersedes,” but that’s unlikely to catch on.

No way. Why should I change? He’s the one who sucks.

I suggest “Rank”. Applies both to DJT himself and to card play. “Hearts are rank”. “I ranked your ace”. “I pulled rank and got the trick”. “I bid four No Rank”.

That was my first thought as well, but I’m a bit of a big vocabulary user anyway.

There is one benefit to keeping the word: Any time someone asks “What’s trump?” everyone else can volunteer replies like “a lying scumbag” or “the worst president ever.”

But trust me, the joke wears thin.

“Four no trump”

But on the other hand, we have the phrase “trumped-up charges” for instance. I think that usage can stay.

In bridge, why not just “(the) suit”?

“Three no suit”
“I suited your queen”

“I clubbed your queen” makes sense. “I spaded your queen” sounds like veterinary surgery.

I am saying, use the word “suit” to replace the word “trump”.

I’m confused. Why do we need to change a common word when in four months the other meaning will be obliterated from the language?