What's the deal with Red Baron pizza? Why is a German who killed people the mascot of a pizza company?

Well, if we’re talking about naming pizzas after famous aces, why not Dick Bong pizza? People with juvenile senses of humor would remember it, stoners would remember it, etc…

I used to know a guy who had a dick bong. Called it “the ultimate test to see if you’re comfortable with your heterosexuality.”

Dick Bong, Ace of Aces.

As that Wikipedia article notes, there’s a Wisconsin State Recreation Area named after Bong (a site which originally was slated to be Bong Air Force Base). The signs for the area are frequently stolen. :smiley:

I would have assumed flatbread is a generic hyperonym including pizza and Flammekueche as well as any other type of… flat bread like lahmacun, injera, Iraqi pita, papadum…

“Hi! I’m Fred Bongs, from Bongs’ Hardware. We sell all kinds of hardware here, but, please, we don’t sell bongs!”


Color me surprised that a) this exists, and b) in all my travels around the US and all the places I’ve lived, I’ve never heard of it in the USA.

Flatbreads are certainly generic enough in the last 10-ish years. Whether Flammekueche are flatbreads or flatbreads are Flammekueche seems arguable. Flammekueche are (IMO probably) a type of flatbread. But not vice versa.

They are certainly a type of flatbread, but they’re not really what is “flatbread” on a US menu. The flatbreads I’ve had at pubs were generally made from leavened dough (which flatbreads usually aren’t, but not always, as pizza, pita, naan, are all types of leavened flatbreads) and they were thicker than what I’ve seen flammekueche to be. The traditional toppings are mentioned in the previous post. It’s also traditionally cooked in a very hot wood burning oven, much like Italian pizzas, and the edges have a beautiful char on them. There’s this video that just makes me drool. It’s in French, but you don’t really need to understand it:

At 4:44 you can see it go into the oven and come out at 5:00 and see the results, but before that you can see the construction of it (as well as a little bit about commercial production of flammekuechen.)

And this is how to make your own; this is the recipe that showed up in my Youtube feed originally about a year ago:

They’re still around. Their odd thin crust pizza that was a laterally cut oval was something you could only find at Campisi’s in the DFW area until about 20 years ago, when a couple of imitators and offshoots began springing up. I’m not sure if that particular style comes from elsewhere or it is their creation. It really is a delicious pizza. Some of the offshoots/imitators are as good as Campisi’s.

But yeah, Campisi’s is different from the normal Americanized Italian food. Still strongly spiced, but a different arrangement of the spices. The “Egyptian” moniker came from the original lounge, which I expect was to make the place seem exotic. When they changed to a restaurant, they just switched “Lounge” to “Restaurant” out of not having the money to change the whole sign.

The only mob connection I know for certain is that Jack Ruby ate there the night before he shot Oswald, and the Campisi’s visited Ruby in jail by his request. They actually talk about it in their history:

My new base of operations has always been a strange place.

Yes, same here. It is “pizza like substance” but it is cheap and more edible that crap costing many times that price.

Can you strafe upward?

Totinos Pepperoni pizza that comes already squared and with the cubed pepperoni is the closest I’ve ever come to my childhood grade school pizza memories, so i have deep respect for it.

A Proustian memory.

The way HH used the word - no.

Rather than start a new thread, I’ll just add to this one: My new favorite frozen pizza is from Trader Joe’s. Their Pizza Parlanno is a damn fine pie, for frozen. Just don’t read the nutrition label.

in response to solost’s post early on:
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I spent 10 minutes laughing at this. “Remember the a la mode”, priceless. You made my day!

Glad you got a good laugh! I lol at many comments on this board, so it’s nice to return the favor every now and then.


I’m still pretty salty that Atomic Pie got booted from their shopping center in favor of more trendy yuppie garbage like “Hei Hei American-Chinese”. Cultural appropriation from having a bunch of white people setting up an “American-Chinese” restaurant there aside, Atomic Pie was GOOD, and so was the adjoining ice cream shop.