What's the deal with these new razor blades and Your article on razor blades

Your article from 1983 called:
Are twin-blade razors better than single-blade ones?


Cecil -
This was a great article - but it’s over 20 years old. What is your opinion now that we have mach 3’s and now four bladed razors from schick. Has razor technology advanced in 20 years or are they still all the same as far as the perception of the shaver is concerned (despite the advertising hype?)

Let me tell you about Cecil’s comments regarding shaving…
He’s exactly right.
I have been shaving for twenty years, and in all that time I have been scraping my face raw… no matter what blade, shaving cream, lotion, or after shave I have used. Since I became diabetic two years ago I have almost given up on shaving… down to once a week, just to let my face heal up between shaves.
After I read Cecil’s instructions on a proper shave, I decided … What could it hurt? I tried it out. Carefully following the instructions to the letter.
For the first time in my life I am getting a good shave without either scraping my face bloody or getting an infection and having to wait a week for it to heal. I’ve had to shave more often, true. The technique Cecil described allows the hair to grow back quicker. But I am not needing to shave more than every three days, anyway (After two days I have what most people would call five o’ clock shadow)
I would recommend this article to anyone with sensitive skin

Thank You, Cecil, Not just for pushing back the boundaries of Ignorance, but for making my life a little easier as well.

Didn;t realize you were talking about a completely different shaving issue.
The article on Shaving technique is:

Hi -
I agree - the article on shaving is fantastic - in fact the best I’ve seen! Shaving can be like minor surgery - it takes off up to 2 layers of skin - and with the attendant nicks and cuts…In the article, http://www.straightdope.com/mailbag/mshave.html there is a reference to another article about razor blades written 20 years ago. I wonder if Cecil’s thinking has changed on the blade issue???

From the column:

They give you the free razor as a “hook”. You then have to buy the blades, that’s the catch. They do the same thing with free cameras. You then have to buy the film and processing.

One manufacturer eventually put a pushbutton on their razors that pushed a thin plastic cleaning blade between the two cutting blades to push the gunk out so it could rinse away.

I use a standard injector razor but the blades are getting harder to find. I looked on the 'net and found several sites that sell injector blades still – including Personna.





For those who like an injector razor there’s this from the FAQ sheet from Pfizer, Shick’s parent company:

Does anyone else remember the Saturday Night Live ‘‘commercial’’ when the Trak-II first came out?

It was for the Trac-III - “for people who’ll believe anything”