What's the diff between rapid yeast and instant yeast?

Which should I use for bread? The recipe says to mix the yeast with water and sugar and put it in a warm place for 10 minutes.

There’s rapid yeast and instant yeast in the grocery store. Which should I get?


Forgot to say: need answer fast ! Off to the grocery store in a few minutes.

Instant and Rapid are EXACTLY the same… different brands, different names.

Have FUN! What are you baking?

ACTIVE dry and Instant ARE different.

Same brand - fleischmans - so I thought there would be a difference?

I’m making a molasses-oatmeal bread.

Instant/ Rapid Rise is one step , you can add the the yeast to the dry ingredients prior to adding water. Active Dry is a two step rise and you must mix the yeast with water first before adding to the rest.

i found a chart of fleishman’s that compare the two: (i learn something every day!)


Okay I’m in the store - I misremembered. one is “quick-rise” and one is “traditional”. Which should I get for a recipe that assumes it’s ready to add to the flour mixture after
10 minutes?

Instant/Rapid=Fast-Rising, Quick Rise, and/or Bread Machine Yeast.

if your recipe calls for ANY of the above, you can Substitute one for another.

Traditional takes longer to Work.

Active dry yeast has a larger particle size than Instant Active Dry Yeast, making it necessary to proof, usually with water, before using. Recommended water temperatures will vary by manufacturer between 100 - 115 degrees F as measured with an Instant Read Thermometer.

if its a very old recipe, it may call for Active. I think active= traditional, but there’s also Fresh yeast & compressed yeast, mostly sold to Bakers and Refrigerated.

If you buy one and get home, link me the recipe and i can help you substitute…if necessary…

Yum. Molasses. Nom.

Thanks - got the quick-rise kind.

i’d Love to hear how it comes out! and, what the intended use is…