What's the difference between HoHo's and Ding Dong's

Other than the shape. They taste different but they are both chocolate cakes with filling and chocolate coverings.

I think Ding Dongs have a thicker layer of chocolate covering them.

Ho-Hos suck.

Ding Dongs rock.

Ho Hos (no apostrophe) are log-shaped, while Ding Dongs (no apostrophe) are hockey puck-shaped.

Santa goes ho-ho and my doorbell goes ding-dong.

Would it surprise anyone to learn that I have existed for 43 years and never tasted either of these delicacies?

According to the folks at Hostess,

So there you have the difference – one is a populist, one is a playboy monarch.

Seriously why do they taste so different if they are both chocolate cakes with chocolate icing and cream filling?

I think it is because with a Ho-Ho, you get the shortening/sugar mixture with each bite of cake, but with a Ding Dong, you can get cake with no nasty filling. That’s why I like Ding Dongs. Take a bite, hook the nasty ass filling out with your finger, eat the rest of the cake. Ho-Ho’s don’t give you that option.

That’s just not right dude. Tell me you’ve at least tasted some of the other nasties from vending machines like Honey Buns or those godawful taco shaped bastards called Banana Folds, or whatever the hell they are.

You’ve NEVER eaten a Ding Dong??? That’s amazing.

Hohos are a “roll” while Ding-Dongs are a “cake”. The Hoho is made by spreading the generic Dolly Madison sweet goo over a flat, thin cake, rolling it up, and then coating it in chocolate. The Ding-Dong is made by injecting the generic Dolly Madison sweet goo into a round, thicker cake and then coating it in chocolate.

I prefer Little Debbie Swiss Rolls. Hohos are a stopgap measure for when Little Debbie is not available.

Oops, not Dolly Madison, but Hostess makes Hohos and Ding-Dongs.

Hey Turbo Dog - any relation to Abita?
(Speaking of delicacies I intend to taste tonight…)

Is it just my imagination, or have they changed the recipe for Ding-Dongs sometime in the past 20 or 30 years? (I know they’ve changed the wrapping: they used to come wrapped in foil.) I seem to remember them as the epitome of rich dark chocolatey creamy goodness, but recently they’ve tasted like wax-and-preservatives, like a cheap imitation of their former selves (i.e. Little Debbie). Have they really changed, or is the golden glow of nostalgia clouding my memory?

Little Debbie can be trusted. Eschew the vileness that is Hostess. Join the True Way of Little Debbie.

The Ding Dong goes inside the HoHo.

I haven’t seen a Ho Ho in twenty years, I bet. Do they still come wrapped in micro-thin aluminum foil? Half the fun of a Ho Ho was playing with the thin foil when you were done.

The foil has been gone for years, replaced by plastic. I think this change has affected the flavour.

The Ding Dong is Dark Chocolate? I mean are HoHos and DingDongs two different types of chocolate. I can’t imagine the shape alone can account for the taste.

Boys have ding dongs. Girls have ho-hos.

And one licks the filling of both. Somewhere in that is something profound.

I see that the king is twice gay.