Favorite Hostess Snack Cake?

I love me some Sno Balls.

Also, Twinkies are the worst.

Regular old chocolate Hostess Cupcakes. My choice since 1956.

followed by

  • the orange (icing and cake) cupcakes

  • Sno Balls, preferably light yellow, not that there’s a taste difference

  • cherry fruit pie
    and yep, Twinkies suck. Same for Ding Dongs.


Do they still make Big Wheels anymore?

(the edible, wayyyy superior to RingDing kind.)

Cupcakes here too.

I like Hostess lemon fruit pies. I haven’t had one in years, but recently got a hankering for one. My wife tried to figure out a way to get one mailed to me in Kabul, but alas.

Anything with that ginger/cinnamon/pumpkin bread taste. As long as they don’t mess it up and put chocolate on it.

Also, I like the orange cupcakes, too. I can the other flavors somewhere else, tasting better. But nobody seems to know how to make orange taste good like that.

Yep! Orange Cupcakes. No one does them better!

Mmm, lemon pies, actually all the pies are good except the chocolate. The chocolate is just strange.

I have to give a shout out, though, to the poor, oft overlooked Suzy-Q. It’s a giant, rectangular, cakey Oreo! What’s not to love?

Based on this thread, I’ve aske my MiL to mail me a lemon Hostess fruit pie.

Does a fruit pie count as a snack cake?

If they do, then the blackberry pie. Can’t get those in the east, so if I’m out west that’s my junk food of choice if I’m on a long drive.

Where are you people finding orange cupcakes? I don’t think I’ve seen one of those for decades.

HoHo’s. You gots to unroll 'em with your teeth.

Sno-Balls and King Dons (aka Ding Dongs). Can’t believe there’s been no love for the King Dons so far.

Do devil dogs count? They’re Drake’s but they do have cream filling.

The Hostess lemon pie
Next Raspberry Zingers

  1. Suzy-Qs
  2. Hostess cupcakes (chocolate, of course)
  3. Cherry Fruit Pie

Ding Dongs, the way they used to make 'em, about 20 years ago. I don’t know whether they’ve changed or whether I have, but I seem to recall they used to be really good and rich and chocolatey, as compared to Little Debbies, which tasted like they were made of wax. The Ding Dongs of today [band name?] taste more like the waxy Little Debbies, to me.

But… the Fruit Pies also kicked ass. Especially the blueberry ones. Well, and cherry too. And chocolate. I don’t think they’ve declined quite as far, but Fruit Pie the Magician has lost his magic.

And Chocodiles. They came along later, and were never as widely available, and you only got one to a package instead of two (as with Ding Dongs, Twinkies, etc.), but—a Twinkie, only covered with that rich, finger-staining Ding-Dongy chocolate. What’s not to love?

I like the Streusel Cakes (which are exactly the same as the Dolly Madison Coffee Cakes), but get them mainly because I can’t get Drakes coffee cakes in this area.

They were called Big Wheels when I was growing up, so Rhythmdvl did show a little love.

They came wrapped in tin foil and had, I don’t know, like an Indian chief or something as a mascot. We pretty much always had a box of them in the freezer. I loved peeling the cold foil off and eating them in the summer. Just thinking about it now reminds me of sitting by the pool and licking the chocolate off my fingers.

I’ve seen reference to ‘King Dons’ before, maybe on this board, but I’ve never seen a box with that name on it. The name changed to Ding Dongs, but they’d changed somehow. Dry and not quite as chocolatey. Or maybe my tastes changed. Who knows. :wink:
If I had to pick a favorite now, I’d go with a plain old chocolate cupcake, but nothing Hostess makes can touch a Butterscoth Krimpet or a Peanut Butter KandyKake.

Hostess Cupcakes, with the caveat: I was not a fan of the cream/‘creme’ filling as a kid. My mother would take us to this Hostess store that sold in bulk, sold ‘day-old’, etc., and then store the majority of the goodies in the freezer to keep us from just devouring them all at once. I discovered that not only was I fine with frozen cupcakes, but it also made it easy to pick out the filling as a frozen blob and dispose of it. I always hoped for a non-filled version.

If unfrozen, then the Hostess Cherry Pie, though apple and peach were fine as well.