What's your favorite snack cake (US)?

There are several brands with equivalent products, and the major brands I believe would be Hostess, Drake’s, Little Debbie, and TastyKake.

Poll in a minute.

I voted “Something Else” because I would have selected Drake’s Coffee Cakes. And ONLY Drake’s - the Hostess equivalent is nasty!

If I had to vote from the choices given, I’d pick Yodels. But I don’t get them often because a) they are not available here; and b) they are loaded with saturated fat (compared to other types of snack cakes).

Hmm. Interesting results. I’m a little surprised Twinkie’s not doing better.

Voted “twinkies” because it’s one of only 3 American snack cakes I’ve tried, and was the only one I actually could finish. So no to Hostess cupcake and no to ding-dongs (that’s that hocky puck chocolate thing, right)? What the hell do you Americans put in those things, and laughingly call “chocolate” - there ought to be a law…

Swiss Cake Rolls for me–Little Debbie beats the hell out of Hostess. I also love Little Debbie oatmeal creme cookies.

I’m another Drake’s cakes lover.

Yodels and Funny Bones and Yankee Doodles and Ring Dings are the best!

Hostess is pure yuck to me.

I do like some Tastycake flavors, but they don’t come close to Drake’s.

Down here in the south… Ms Freshley’s chocolate cupcakes… I don’t even look at Hostess anymore…

I just about never eat that kind of stuff, but when I’m in the right geographical area, Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes are a secret vice.

No option for “I avoid them because of my health”, unfortunately. I used to OD on the Swiss Cake Rolls-so delicious, but yet so toxic too.

Nutty bars.

I’m not a huge fan of any of them, but Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies and Star Crunch are probably my favorites.

Little Debbie is the best, but i love the marshmellow on Hostess SnoBalls.

TastyKake blows the rest out of the water. I go for either butterscotch crimpets or peanut butter tandykakes (they’re better frozen).

As much as I love me some Ding Dongs (wait… what?), Little Debbie takes the … ahem… cake. I can’t choose just one. Swiss Cake Rolls and Zebra Cakes are the best. Do Oatmeal Cream Pies count; they’re an individually wrapped slice of heaven?

Hostess cupcakes, then Suzy Qs.

Hostess still makes the best snack cakes: cupcakes, Suzy Qs, Twinkies, and Fruit Pies are far above the rest. Drakes is OK, but skimp on the icing (though their Ding Dongs and Yodels are up to the level of Hostess). Tastikake is a cult thing – mediocre to good, but people rave about them as a form on nostagie de la boue.

Little Debbie would have to go a long way to get to mediocre – they’re pure sugar and artificial ingredients, and if there’s any flour involved, it accidentally spilled into the vat when no one was looking. They are the Wetson’s of snack cakes.

Hostess cupcakes and fruit pies are my favs.

While I generally like them all (except sno balls and twinkies) I love the ho-hos, because I eat off the chocolate layer, and the ends, and then slowly unroll it to eat it a bit at a time. Why? Just cause!

Someone mentioned the oatmeal cream pies, which are little debbie’s crowning achievement!

Zebra Cakes Zebra Cakes ZEBRA CAKES.

Hostess orange cupcakes are outstanding but beware the strawberry ones!!

There are a whole bunch of “special” Krimpets and Tastykake cupcakes that show up once in a while, and some (especially w/buttercream icing) are memorable.

Banana Flips (Are they still available anywhere?).