What's the easiest way to sell guns?

A few years back, I went through a bit of a gun nut phase and wound up with a bunch of military surplus/C&R guns. Mostly long guns–Mosin-Nagants, a Swiss K31, a Czech Mauser, and a few others–along with a few handguns. While I still find guns quite nifty, I don’t go shooting much–driving out to the range got to be too much of a pain in the butt and gas tank. (I also felt like I wanted/needed a mentor, to teach me what the hell I was actually supposed to be doing and improve my skills.) More importantly, I’ll be moving to New York City this fall, which makes keeping more than a couple of firearms expensive ($400+ for a handgun permit; $200+ for a long gun permit) and a bit of a hassle.

All that means that I need to liquidate most of my collection. I’m not necessarily looking to get top dollar; given that most of these guns were basically flooding the market when I got them, I’m more worried that I won’t be able to get them off my hands. Obviously, I also want to comply with all of the relevant federal and state laws. Back when I was haunting the gun boards, there was always talk of folks getting pinched by BATFE for acting as ‘dealers’ without the proper FFL, but it’s hard to say how much of that was just rumor and hot air.

So what would you folks say the best way to proceed would be? I don’t figure that most of these would be the sort of thing that a store would take on consignment; the Mosins especially would seem to be too common/inexpensive. Would Gunbroker be the way to go? Pawn shop? Gun shows? Oh, and there’s basically the same question for ammo–I’ve got a fair bit sitting around that I bought up in bulk alongside the guns.

Thanks all!

You can sell them at a gun show here, with no check on anything whatsoever.

First question: where are you? That will make a difference.

What you read about the BATFE rolling people up is true. There is an ambiguity in the law. Allow me to elaborate.

You are allowed to have private sales of firearms subject to federal and local laws, meaning that there is no background check requirement to sell a long arm (handguns, I believe, must still go through a FFL, at least in my state). The problem comes if you sell too many privately. This unspecified threshold takes you from being a private seller to a dealer operating without a FFL, and that is bad news for you.

If I were you I would hold onto the ones I want, sell a few privately, and consign the rest. It might not be as lucrative, but it’s legally the safe thing to do if you have what you might consider to be a large number of firearms. You ought to be able to consign them if they’re sellable (in good condition)- I’ve seen Jennings/Raven/Lorcin/Davis/Jimenez guns on consignment before, and those are straight garbage right out of the box. Ammunition is not a big deal, you can more or less sell that with impunity as long as you’re not dealing in distributor-type volumes.

So, let’s help you get rid of some of your stuff. What do you have, how much do you want for it, and will you ship? :slight_smile:

Any items you got under your C&R FFL can of course be sold to another C&R holder or any FFL for that matter. I have a C&R FFL, what do you have?:smiley:

I beeve that there may be an exemption to volume of sales if you’re liquidating your collection. But check with an expert to be sure.

Again as mentioned by Airman Doors your location would help.

Currently in Ohio. GaryM, Airman Doors, I’ll send you a PM sometime tomorrow.

If a FFL will take them on consignment, that’ll do. Just gotta find a store I want to deal with.

Can I get in on the PM?

I have a C&R, as well, and depending on what you have, have an interest in negotiating. It seems that you have long arms, which I have an interest in.

PMs sent.

Do we have any guidance at all about where the threshhold is? I’ve got… Ten long guns and five pistols, I think, of which I plan to sell all but one of the long guns (my CMP Garand) and all of the pistols (to eventually be replaced with just one 1911, probably). Hardly seems like ‘dealer’ volumes to me, but then, I’m not the BATFE.

Me too if it is not too late.

I wouldn’t mind being on the list either.

Oh – I’ve just remembered…

PayPal will cancel your account if you use it to accept payment for firearms and they find out about it..

Just a heads-up.

My information is dated from around 2001, but I was told that there is no hard and fast rule. The standard is that if you are “in the business” of firearms, you need an FFL. At least at that time, liquidating an entire collection of 1 or 1000 guns was not considered to be a business venture, so you didn’t need a license.

I would be interested in getting a PM also.

I’m in Ohio to boot. What part of the state are you in LawMonkey?

I’m an FFL. Liquidating 15 guns out of a private collection shouldn’t get you into any trouble. If you made a habit of it it might.

Private transfers in Ohio looks to be perfectly legal for both handguns and long guns.

You could advertise on Gunbroker, Auction Arms, or guns America. But then you might have to go through a dealer if the buyer is in another state. Taking them to a local gun store or pawn shop will give you an idea of the lowest price you’ll get for them. If those prices suit you take it and you’re done.

AIUI, anyone can send a gun. You may have to use UPS or FedEx. The recipient must be a dealer. I’ve bought some guns off of Gunbroker, and I had them delivered to a local dealer. The buyer pays the dealer’s fee (usually around $25). Be sure to look up the dealer’s FFL number before sending.

Not to kick an apparently dead horse or anything, but did anybody hear back from this guy? I got a PM, sent one back, and nothing since.