What's the "Fluffiest" Breed Of Dog

I was out today and there was a dog outside the 7-11 and it was very cold in Chicago today, so as I went by I petted him, (yeah I know you shouldn’t pet strange dogs) and to my surprise my hand literally sunk into him.

I kid you not my hand was almost to my wrist in dog fluff before I hit bone. I have never seen such a fluffy dog in my life. The owner came out and I asked her what kind of dog it was. She said it was a “mutt she got at the pound.”

Now I realize dogs winter coats, but I have never seen such a fluffy dog before.

So it got me to thinking, what kind of breed is the “fluffiest”? By this I mean made mostly of dog fur and not fat and bones and muscles

Samoyed? Their fur was so thick and fluffy their owners could cuddle up to sleep with them when it got cold.

Pekingnese? Some of those little guys look like they’re ten pounds of fur and one pound of dog.

Old English Sheepdogs have a shocking amount of fur too.

Maybe they don’t win but Komondors are interesting. The Puli is similar.

Similar to a Samoyed, but smaller*, is the American Eskimo Dog.

The Chow can also be extremely fluffy, but their fur is pretty dense.

*:Three accepted sizes, in fact, all of which are smaller than the Samoyed.

Keeshonden are pretty damn fluffy.

Ahem. The single-level fur of the Standard Poodle allows for amazingly fluffy coats. Eight to ten inches of nothing but poof.
He is a manly boy.

I concur. My dog is a poodle/terrier cross and he is very fluffy - but underneath is nothing but skinny, bony dog. People have remarked that he looks so much bigger than he is…

Chow chows are also very fluffy, but have a stocky body underneath all that fur.

Great Pyrenees are white poofy marshmallows, inside and out. Biggest babies there are.

Pomeranians are crazy-fluffy too. Pom.
My friend has 2 and they are tiny dogs underneath all the puff.

Huskies and Samoyeds are definitely fluffy, too.

They get my vote. And for cutest too.

Now see I’ve petted old english sheepdogs and they certainly do have a lot of hair, but to me at least, they don’t seem really fluffy, if that makes sense, they just seem hairy :slight_smile:

Those are some badass looking dogs, the Komondor. And as puppies they are sickeningly adorable!

Bichons Frise are really fluffy. When my sister first had her dog’s coat cut all the way back, he was such a tiny little beastie.