What's the funniest YouTube clip? [UPDATED]

It’s been going on five years since this thread saw any action:


What’s the funniest YouTube clip?
07-03-2011, 07:18 AM

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Little Nemo


and since many of the posts there now have dead links maybe we should start afresh instead of bumping that old one.

Just post a link to whichever YouTube goodie makes you laugh the most.

Repeats from the earlier thread are okay – as long as the link works!

Over 80 Dopers had some fun last time, so maybe we can add to the laughs here.

This one is currently killing me


This was the funniest clip in the world when it first went viral in the early days of the internet…
And it’s still the funniest clip ever!

The laughing is infectious, and you’ll join in— when an old man from the audience goes on stage at
the Comedy Barn

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Could people please put the video’s title in their post? It would help us know what we are clicking on and prevent 40 people from posting the same video. Thanks!

I still think Drama Prairie Dog is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. It was the first thing I added to my Favorites way back in 2007.


Still cracks me up when Cleavon Little loses it

In the past year, little has made me laugh more than this lengthier(5 minute) clip of Sean Lock and Jon Richardson trying to play Carrot in a Box. Trust me.

Carrot in a Box

Hawk snatches released mouse


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Hawk snatches released mouse


Thanks, that was great. Sad, but honestly, what a great video. They were trying to do the right thing.

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Hawk snatches released mouse


Proof that bunnies can fly


Perhaps it’s my darker side, but

Tony Soprano and Silvio Dante

just cracks me up every time I watch it. The nuances are so well done.

Anyway, it’s a change of pace perhaps…

2016 News Bloopers

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Megyn Kelly farts live on TV

Bad lip reading: GOP Debate edition

Bad Lip Reading: Democratic Debate edition

Dirty game show answers

The infamous Bee Gees interview with Clive Anderson is pretty good. It doesn’t have a single “belly-laugh” moment but the slow 10-minute build-up of subtle irritations until they finally walk out is a thing of beauty all its own.

Also, Toronto Maple Leafs goalie thinks Mandela was an athlete.

Family Feud: Something You Pass Around


IMHO, this is the pinnacle of awkward interviews…the uncut version likely not widely available until posted on YouTube:

Madonna on Letterman 1994 (Full Uncut Swearing)

“This one’s wet!” is one of the great improv. comedy lines I’ve ever seen.

It’s Whose Line with Richard Simmons folk, as I guessed before clicking it.

Spiders on Drugs.

Ah-nold at the wax museum


They say of the Acropolis, where the Parthenon is…