What's the hot fuss over Bode Miller?

I know he’s at the top of the FIS charts but the guy doesn’t so much ski as plummet down the race course without fear of consequence.

He reminds me so much of the Crazy Canucks of years past, eg. Ken Read, Steve Podborsky, Todd Brooker, Laurie Graham. All great but ultimately lunatics.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire his guts and incredible luck, but he’s not much of a technician and his slalom results show it (DNF, DNF, DSQ, DNF…). Darren Rhalves is a far better skier technically and a pleasure to see on a race course.

Miller blows it again. On the third gate in a slalom event! Might be a new record for him. He just can’t get out of his own way.

My boy Rahlves blew by him with a 2 second (!) lead in the super G! Darren is my hero.

Canadians… a surprise with a third place in the Nations Cup. The youngest team on the circuit. Go homies!

Well duh, he’s cute! :slight_smile:

I think people are confused and amazed by how fast he goes with such wierd/crappy form. I’ve seen him with my own eyes “rudder” his poles (drag them behind him in the snow). On a World Cup course! And win! WTF!?