What's the latest skill you learned?

My uncle comes over today and goes in my closet and ask me why the heck I would be my age and still own a clip on tie? He then told me that all men should know how to tie a necktie and so he took about 10 minutes and taught me then he gave me all these funky old ties that I will probably never wear but atleast I know how to tie them.

Anyway what’s the latest skill you learned?

Learned how to improvise tent pegs Tuesday night. *

*Always double check what your kids pack.

I learned how to play Cosmic Coasters.

WEll, I didn’t say it was a useful skill…

I learned how to fold a shirt perfectly from a thread on here. And I mean perfectly!

I spent the day studying roofing design and estimating. I now know at least 500% more about rafters and jacks and hips and gables than I thought I would ever know. Brushed up on siding stuff too, both are for the new job I start in 10 days.

Like dwalin, my skill isn’t useful. But, thanks to fark, I now know how to play bubbles.

I misread the post as “thanks to a fart, I learned bubbles.”


I learned today that my boss had to deal with an abusive bigshot who blamed me for a bunch of stuff a couple of days ago. She knew it was bullshit, backed me to the hilt, and didn’t even mention it to me. I heard about 'the scene" from two other coworkers today.

Knitting. My sister tried to teach me back in 1968, but I was too stubborn/insubordinate/clumsy to learn. Then my church started on this knitting craze, and between Lillith Fair and a CD-ROM, “Knitting Made Easy” I finally learned! I have made numerous scarves and even a goldfish cat toy. I consider it my best blood-pressure medicine.

I learned how to align the mirror array of a laser engraver/cutter; it involves Post-It notes… :cool:

I learned how to fix the pressure gauge on a Flotron pressure cuff thingy. I should probably know it’s real name, but I don’t. I also simultaneously learned how to fix a common problem with the LCD screens. Now if the nurses and doctors would stop dropping these things, I wouldn’t have to fix them!

I learned how to network two XP machines together wirelessly.

The two-loop method for tying shoelaces.

How to cook rice.

I don’t follow directions very well.

Exceedingly useful, to make up for those of you learning silly things: I learned to sew. I’ve made four pillows, an apron and a skirt. With my multi-purpose needle and thread, I shall conquer further projects…such as curtains, table linens, slip covers, and a few more jazzy things for moi to wear.

But first, I shall look into this “Bubbles” phenomenon…

How to cook udon. I’m going to die a young man.

loom knitting

If you value your sanity, don’t!

Rassin’ frassin’ three wasted hours…

Last year I learned out to play the pennywhistle.

This year I’m trying to learn how to draw.

Wednesday I taught myself (using a recipie book) how to make the most perfect, coffeeshop quality currant scones. I was totally amazed at my success in making them. I fully expected them to come out poorly the first couple of times before I got it right.

  1. Hacking XP to make it work better.

  2. Making citrus-glazed salmon.