What's the matter with a person who y-a-w-n-s all the time ?

I can’t figure it! I’m a person who yawns all the time, and I’m the last kind of person who should be afflicted with this kind of thing!

The reason it’s especially bad for me is that I have T.M.J. and it can get pretty awful. I’m not supposed to open my mouth wide and it’s a great irritation have to stiful(sp?) a yawn repeatedly all the damn day!

It’s embarrassing too. And I’m the only one I know of that has that problem.l

Constant tiredness can be a symptom of diabetes, but it could be that you’re just not getting enough exercise and rest.

I used have that problem, too. With the TMJ. Nasty sometimes, innit?

Do you have any respiratory problems? Very often, we yawn to get more oxygen (althought I’m not sure if that’s the ONLY reason). Once my asthma got under control, and I became healthier, the yawning all but stopped. Of course, I’m not a doctor, so I can’t tell you if that’s your problem!

And, of course, as Mangetout hinted, excercise and rest make for a healthier person, which makes for more oxygen in the places that oxygen is important!

Cause oxygen is what it’s all about.

How long have you had this problem? Have you asked your doctor?
I tend to yawn more in the spring, when my allergies are going haywire, and the meds don’t help much :slight_smile:
OUCH and sorry about the TMJ. My former SIL had it and she only felt relief when she had her mouthpiece in, and then she slobbered everywhere. She finally had to have some sort of jaw surgery.
Good luck, and always remember, it’s best to ask the doc!

It could be anything. Simple boredom or stress could do this. Sleep apnea could be interrupting your sleep, causing you to be tired during the day.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

I do not get enough sleep , T know. For some reason the night sems to be the most attrective part of 24 hours. Peace and clear focus come with it. But,…sometime that CAN be disturbing, because being able to see things crystal-clear is very revealing and that can be troubling.

Yet,…the yawning started only about 3 months ago. Could be the winter slump hasn’t gone away yet here in Seattle. Damn if it hasn’t lived up to it’s reputation this year! Usually April is one of our best months. But it’s been raining every day since April fools day. And sitting on my but with a computer isn’t much exercise.