What's the meaning of the song "Particle Man"?

Title is question.

Never heard of it. Do you mean Particle Man? By TMBG?

Neurotik: Yes, that would be it.

And also, why does Triangle Man hate Person Man?

Seriously though, I doubt it means anything. It’s just silly for the sake of it. They’re known to do that…

It’s quite obvious

Universe man is God or a wave function representing an indeterminate yet benevolent smear of probability

Triangle man is the devil or nature’s brutal indifference to man’s search for deeper meanings and patterns

Person man is “man” and man is degraded

Triangle man hates person man
That’s all you need to know.

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Astro has the most common interpretation, but this interpretation is probably my favorite:

And it continues from there. I like it.

And a sendup of the Spiderman theme song.

Mods: Can you change my title to “Particle Man” rather than “Universe Man”? Thanks.

Don’t you be dissin’ the Spiderman theme song

As you wish.

Triangle Man = change. (“delta” is used in scientific writing as a symbol for change.

Change doesn’t like anybody, and change always wins.

I think the salient question is: “when he’s under water does he get wet?”

My vote is going to go with: the water gets him instead.
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Hey, I’m not the one responsible for “Particle Man”! :smiley:

The Animaniacs solved this one. It is about wrestling. Particle Man fights Traingle Man, Universe Man is the champion until he gets beat by Person Man.

Shame. You’re thinking of Tiny Toon Adventures. I’ve got Direct from Brooklyn, Their music video tape, and it includes the two Tiny Toon videos as bonus material.

Funnily enough, I think Flood is actually the weakest link in Their repertoire, except maybe for the Pink Album. But since you asked:

Particle Man is the agricultural worker base. Person Man is the industrial proletariat. Triangle Man is the advancing bourgeois economic forces. And Universe Man is a really fat guy with a belt that slaps people.

It’s not important.

I can answer this.

Some college friends of mine were very early TMBG fans. (Well, early for the northwest, anyway; there are probably some Greenwich Village scenesters who go back farther.) They went to one of their concerts in the late-80s, (in Portland, coincidentally enough) back when they were still using the taped tracks for back-up. After the show they even got to talk with one or both of the Johns for a little while. And one of my friends asked them “why does Triangle Man hate everybody?” The answer, from the mouth of John, himself:

“That’s just the kind of guy he is.”

ed and ** N.B. of the O.**, I have an animation cel from the making of that Particle Man video.

Although I haven’t read Neurotik’s link, from the quoted section, I think whoever wrote it needs to re-read Flatland. In the book, Lineland is inhabited by 1-D beings, and the point is a 0-D being. That encounter always makes me sad; poor, pathetic Particle Man.