What's the Mexican equivalent of that Oriental theme?

If you watch a lot of movies or TV, you’re probably familiar with that piece of stereotypical Oriental music that typically ends with a gong being sounded, and is often played during introduction shots with captions like “Hong Kong” or “Tokyo”- In short, you hear that music and you know that the events being depicted are taking place somewhere in Asia and not Dar-Es-Salaam or Barstow.

I know there’s a Mexican equivalent piece of music- often played in things like old Speedy Gonzales cartoons, or in humourous situations where someone inexplicably finds themselves at a Mexican fiesta wearing a sombrero and a poncho, with a bottle of Tequila in one hand. But I cannot for the life of me find out what it’s called- it’s not Little Spanish Flea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out the song I’m looking for had been recorded by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass at some point.

Anyone out there know the piece of music I’m referring to? It’s been driving me mad trying to work it out…

Mexican Hat Dance?

La Cucaracha comes to mind, immediatelyl

That’s the one! Thanks very much! I knew it had to have a name… :smiley:

The problem I’m now faced with is that if I had no idea what it’s called, then I strongly doubt any of my intended readers will either. So I’m either faced with calling it “That stereotypical Mexican music” and hoping people don’t think I’m talking about La Cucaracha or Little Spanish Flea, or calling the Mexican Hat Dance and hoping people work it out for themselves…

It is quite well known as the Mexican Hat Dance, and easy to look up if they don’t know it. I say tell them.

I agree–I think it’s a fairly well-known song by name. I have two guests here, and, from my small sample, both knew exactly what song I was talking about when I asked them to hum “The Mexican Hat Dance.” I would use the title in your story–it’s common enough.