What's the minimum number of people who would already know the royal baby's gender?

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is going to give birth soon. From an uninformed perspective there is a very close to 50/50 chance of the baby’s gender. However you can get much shorter odds on a girl than a boy. This is either beacause the blind are leading the blind, or someone who actually knows has let on.

What’s the minimum number of people who would legitimately know the gender of the upcoming baby?

Since this requires speculation, let’s move it over to IMHO.

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I’d said one - the doctor. If the expectant parents didn’t want to know and the doctor didn’t want to risk getting mangled in the press for leaking it, nobody else might know.

It’s important to remember that the betting payouts are driven by where the money goes not necessarily the true underlying odds.

Presumably, the only ones to know originally would be whoever is at the ultrasound test. (I assume they would have these tests, if nothing else they want to know of any problems). SO the doctor or technician and any assistant, Will and Kate, and any possible accompanying bodyguard(s).

I remember some comment by some doctor who mentioned that he and his wife did not want to know the gender of their baby; but he was with his wife during the ultrasound and being a doctor, he said the tech started with a perfect shot of the baby’s gender-revealing regions before moving on; and he had to pretend for the next few months that he did not know rather than tell his wife.

But sometimes even when the couple wants to know, the answer is not properly positioned and visible, and unless the doctor announces it, there’s a good possibility any lay people will not know. I seriously bet they don’t keep a video for the rest of the staff to peruse, so only those present have a hope of knowing. The doctor likely is the top of the profession, so unlikely to be bribed and well aware of the consequences to career if the leak comes back to him. (but don’t discount the possibility he could brag and let slip to the wrong person).

Maybe it’s the gambler’s fallacy. The odds are 50/50 and the last one came up “boy” so “girl” has gotta come up next, right?

Does she see only one OB? I’m pregnant, and I see a group of OBs. They try to make sure every woman sees every OB in the group during her pregnancy, because they have a rotating schedule to cover deliveries. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a team of OBs for similar reasons. All the OBs in the group have seen each woman’s records, so they presumably know what she’s having. Ultrasound techs might know, too.

Considering the outcome that resulted from some morning radio DJs conning a hospital employee about some previous medical condition of a royal (I forget the details), I’d suspect precautions were taken to make certain that only the person who performed the sonogram knows the gender, and had to sign such an oppressive NDA that he knows if he shoots off his mouth, the full fury and wrath of the British Empire will fall on him.

I only saw one OB on each of my pregnancies. That’s standard over here (Ireland) if you’re a private patient - not sure about the UK.

I’d say the minimum possible number of people who know the baby’s sex is zero. If the baby’s not positioned properly at the time of the scan, no one - not even the ultrasound tech - can see what sex it is, and after a certain point in the pregnancy things get crowded enough in there that you’re unlikely to get a look. My second kid absolutely refused to show us the goods on every scan till the last possible one; if she’d been in a different position that time, no one would have known she was a girl till she was born.