What's the most complicated dish you regularly make?

Counterpoint to What’s your usual GET A HOT MEAL ON THE TABLE ASAP meal?

No constraint on ‘regularly’ other than not just holidays or other special occasions. Just the dish you make when you’re in the mood to put forth the extra effort in the kitchen.

Around here that would probably be lasagna or manicotti from scratch. Boxed noodles for now but I’m looking hard at the pasta attachments for the stand mixer.

I make the Smitten Kitchen version of Zuni Cafe’s roast chicken quite often. It’s great for entertaining, who doesn’t love roast chicken? It’s not difficult, but does require a bit of pre-planning, as the chicken needs to sit at least overnight uncovered and salted in the fridge. I usually have friends around early enough to help tear croutons and toss salad, which we serve in a big platter with the jointed chicken on top. Mmm.

My lasagne is also a bit of a production. One simplification I often manage is to make a big double batch of the ragu the day before, have some for dinner over spaghetti, and fridge the rest for lasagne the next day. I can never quite judge how much besciamella I need from the quantitiy of ragu I’m using. Better to make too much, of course.

I don’t cook as “regularly” as I used to, but when I do it’s my award-winning chili con carne.

My homemade spaghetti sauce probably comes in second.

I don’t think of lasagna as complicated, but the last time I made it, I minced my own meat for the meat sauce. gee it turned out well, it was really good… (now I want lasagna).

I made some chili con carne from a recipe a forum member (different forum) posted. It had LOTS of different spices and types of fresh chili in it. It wasn’t complicated in having to do much other than bung it all in the slow cooker after frying some things, but it was complicated in making sure I put all of the ingredients in. BTW, it was really yummy and worth having to find the chilis and everything.

Outside of thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings?

I would say, anytime I make cog au vin. Does it count twice if my thanksgiving turkey is made cog au vin style?

Here’s one, nasi gorang: try to find the recipe they did on the Cooks Illustrated TV show. Its actually just stale rice that’s re-fried with many toppings – onions and chili paste, shrimp in molasses-plum sauce, deep fried shallot rings (I add fried fresh ginger,) and slices through a rolled omelette. You don’t actually cook those all together, you in a sense assemble it from the components.

Mine are probably my ragu with several meats and veggies (canned tomato, though), pork & steak chili and an oddly tine consuming Mac 'n cheese that starts with a roux & two cheeses and ends with homemade bread crumbs.

I’ll say fajitas. Lots of cuttin’, choppin’ maken guacin’.

It gets messy and cluttered in the kitchen, fast.

Stuffed porkchops and a side of southern green beans.

Kick-off chicken nuggets, with potato kugel as the side.

Yummy, but quite a few steps to make.

Mushroom risotto. So worth the effort.

I’m waiting for someone to say “A teapot - the spouts are tricky” or something like that. :slight_smile:

Is that anything like coq au vin? :confused:

Probably either hazelnut praline semi-freddo or ravioli.

I make a roasted ratatouille that is very time consuming. The veggies are arranged in strips by color so there is purple egg plant, green zucchini, etc. It’s not a technically difficult dish, but it is very time consuming to assemble. The end result is a great presentation dish and guests are sometimes reluctant to dig in to it because they don’t want “to mess it up.”

Also, I smoke brisket and pork butt, but a lot of that is just sitting around sipping bourbon tending to the coals.

Depends on what you mean by “complicated.”

Last night, like many nights, I made homemade enchiladas. Last night’s was roast chicken, but I do carnitas or chorizo a fair bit as well. I also made a special sauce, using both homemade enchilada sauce and some homemade harissa paste to add some oomph. I also put roasted bell peppers and cheese in them. Sometimes I top with homemade crema, but I skipped that last night. Oh, and a tomato-cucumber-radish salad.

So fairly complex, given everything was from scratch. But…

  • the meat was leftovers I had in the freezer
  • I make enchilada sauce in batches and freeze it
  • the harissa was in the fridge, left over from last week’s chicken dish
  • the roasted peppers were also in the fridge, leftovers from another meal last week
  • I just about always have corn tortillas in the fridge

So in reality, it was putting together a bunch of leftovers.

I do lasagna in much the same way. Sauce, meat in the freezer, just throw it together and bake. Voila, homemade lasagna made one a weeknight.

Probably the most complex dish I make totally from fresh ingredients on the spot are chef’s salads. Lots of chopping & mixing, takes 20-30 min of pure work to make two of them.

Complicated? Probably Beef Bourguignon.

Time? Smoked pork ribs with home made bbq sauce with corn on the cob.

Tie between meatloaf and salmon loaf. Each has five ingredients. A chef I am not.

Moussaka. Uses every saucepan.

Slice, salt and soak aubergine (egg plant), fry in shed loads of olive oil and drain.
Make sauce with minced lamb, onions, herbs, tomatoes.
Slice and par boil potatoes.
Grate parmesan, combine flour and butter to make a roux, add milk, add parmeson, stir constantly to ensure it doesn’t go lumpy.

Arrange in layers, top with more parmesan, and bake.

The kitchen now looks like a bomb site. We have - used cheese grater, chopping board, knife, frying pan, colander, three saucepans and a pile of greasy paper towels. The kitchen counter has splashes of milk, bits of cheese and bits of flour, and probably bits of onion and eggplant.

But it is so, so good.

Probably pizza from scratch, especially when it includes sauce made using homegrown tomatoes and garlic.

My gf makes oxtail soup that takes several days to complete.

For me, either Uova da Raviolo (ravioli made with an egg yolk inside, served runny) or OssoBucco (complicated because I need to hunt down the veal shanks).