What's the most creative thing you've done to entertain yourself?

I got bored one evening and took my digital camera, a bunch of Star Trek action figures, and some slideshow software and made stop motion movies of the figures “dancing” across my computer desk.

It took about an hour to make a 2 minute movie, but I laughed my ass off when I saw the results.

…and you?

I once* dressed my cats up in “baby doll” clothes. They did not like it much, but I thought it was pretty darn funny :smiley:

*I did this many years ago when my li’l sis was still a tot with baby dolls. So that was like… um… 12 years ago.

I got bored one day. It was towards the end of summer. So I drew a map, of a fantasy world in my head. Split it up into about 23 different countries.

I rolled dice to see who would attack who, and how much ground they would take. It was silly, and pretty much up to me on all aspects.

I made copies of the continental outlines, so I could redraw the map after a period of global warfare.

I used that one map, and intitial world, for about 3 months. Towards the end I was drawing up “Atlas” style entries for each nation, talking about their history, their culture, etc.

I am a big dork.

I routinely hire hookers to read Shakespeare to me in phonetic Russian.
Very soothing, I’ll tell you whut.

That’s so funny!
Back in 92’-93’ my brother and I did that exact same thing with star trek and x-men action figures and the family camcorder. I think we had Picard dancing with Wolverine. Then Geordi came in and phasered them. :smiley:

Recently while shopping at a CVS, I found an X-Men Professor X w/wheelchair for $2.50. I bought the last two.

Ideas are forming…

Someday I’ll write up the story of the Barbie Dream Trebuchet, but tonight is not the time.


Well I don’t know how creative this is, but I make these comic strips of a stick figure named Timothy. He does drugs, picks up hookers, robs lemonade stands, and gets drunk a lot. People who get these comics laugh their heads off. People who don’t stare at me like I am insane and walk away. Ah well. I think they are cool, and I wasted a whole hour making a page of these Timothy Comics.

Pffft. Amature.

I have a whole website for that. Plus, it has languages.


and someday it will be as good as this guy’s:


I painted an interesting landscape with leftover nail polish. The glittery ones are good for moonlight and water effects.

I painted my husband’s toenails blue - he didn’t even notice until I was on his 3rd toe. :smiley:

I’ve got nearly 2 albums worth of half-finished songs on my multitrack

A huge Neverwinter Nights module I’m working on…

Scripts for an animé series I’m writing…

Designing my new Ultimate Entertainment Center…

Pencil-n-paper D&D modules…

And a healthy dose of ADHD which garauntees none of them will ever be finished :frowning:

Damn the electric fence!

We went down to the county Human Services department and picked up a sibling group … Now that they are teens, I’m wondering if we should have stuck to making stop-action figurine movies or painting nails.

I made a repeating tape loop once with about a minute between words. All it said was Straight, Right, Left. Over and over. I would put the tape in my car and drive for a while, then turn on the tape and start following the directions. I had some adventures. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if I still have it somewhere. I’m suddenly feeling the urge to wander…

Oooh! Concultures! Yeah, I did that before.

First attempt: I designed a city called Minervia. A west-coast Canadian city. It wasn’t that good, but I did manage to finish it.

Second attempt: starting with a constructed language, a fiendishly difficult piece of work called Lyanjen, I designed part of a conculture to match. I got bogged down, though, and let it slide. I still have it around here.

Third attempt: I’m presently working on another city called La Luz, the capital of a fictional North American country, a former Spanish colony called Mar de Cristal. I’m actually doing pretty well with it. Have been plugging away at it on and off since 2002. I’ve got about a third of the city mapped, as well as broad-scale maps of the country and some notions about its history and political organization.

(One of the hardest things about making a concity is naming all the streets. From time to time I throw in a few in-jokes… one of the biggest churches is the Basilica de San Policarpo, and I named a series of four streets Calle Santa Laura, Calle Santa Cristina, Calle Cordero (Spanish for “lamb”) and Calle Perséfone. After Persephone, naturally.)

Years ago I got paper and pencils and made myself a fantasy equestrian centre, loads of stables, paddocks, indoor and outdoor arenas, hired staff - everything. I’d hold showjumping competitions using dice I made that had faults [that occur in real showjumping competitions] instead of numbers. I must’ve used 100 sheets of paper on it. Threw the whole lot in the bin when we moved house :frowning:
Nowadays I do a similar thing online at Virtual Horse Ranch :slight_smile:

How many driveways? One-way streets? Brick walls? Front yards?

Wow! I was about to post the very same thing (minus the dice/jumping competition thing). In fact, I just recently ran across some of my Dream Horse Farm plans I’d sketched out. Pages and pages of neatly drawn buildings and paddocks, all painstakenly detailed and labeled. I guess I had a lot of time on my hands as a kid.
And you say there’s a website for this? runs off to look

I have a 2 1/2 ft tall trebuchet made of cardboard. It’ll fling a marble 10 feet or so(I’m afraid to try anything heavier, or add more weight)

I also have a Stirling engine made with empty beer cans(sadly it no longer functions, but I am kinda bored).

And about 10 quadrillion half-finished adventures, campaigns, worlds, and incomplete thoughts about things that would be cool to do to a party.

Color and font removed because I can’t stand to read text in that font or color.

When I was a kid, I used to crumple and smooth the brown paper from cut up grocery bags, until it somewhat resembled leather. Then I would carefully cut out and assemble various bridles, halters, and saddles for my model horses. I used to make the hardware, such as buckles and rings, out of thin copper wire. I would examine photos and drawings of tack to get my patterns, there were no printed patterns. I think that I was able to make some pretty realistic tack for my model horses that looked MUCH better than the plastic bridles and saddles that some of them came with. I even padded the saddles in the appropriate places.

I also used to make my own scented talcum powder, from perfume and plain baby powder. Back then, nobody did this. Now it’s in fashion.

I tried carding and spinning the “wool” of my dog’s undercoat. I wasn’t able to do it, I imagine because her hair just wasn’t quite long enough, and I didn’t really know how to do it. I was going by the brief descriptions in schoolbooks.

Yes, my parents used to worry about me a lot.