What's the most efficient way to achieve a "quickie" divorce?

If someone were to file for an uncontested divorce, all specifics arranged beforehand (child support, custody, visitation, division of property), what would be the best way to file? I know that there is software that someone could download and send off the paperwork, but those programs start at around $150, IIRC. Are there any other alternatives that are just as quick, easy, and relatively painless?

My divorce was like this. Everything agreed to beforehand. Free kit from the courthouse. $200.00 filing fee. Done within 3 months. (Mandatory 3 month waiting period between filing and divorce.)

We agreed on absolutely everything though, and I wasn’t worried about getting ripped off by him. But those programs you find online only give you exactly what you could get from your courthouse - forms, and instructions. I’d never pay 150 bucks for one, that’s for sure. Obviously, YMMV, IANAL, etc, etc, but that’s the way it worked for me. I definitely don’t “recommend” it to anyone, as everyone’s situation is wildly different, but if you’re confident that there’s nothing to hash out, it can save a lot of money. (Would have cost us $3K for lawyers otherwise)