What's the most exotic mode of transportation you've ever used?

I’ve flown in a Ford Tri-motor. It was the first flight of my life, at age 4, and probably one of my earliest memories.

I’ve also ridden on a camel and an elephant, but I don’t imagine that either of those rides is very unusual.

What was your most unusual or exotic ride?

Depends on how far. I was pulled on water skis for about a mile by a J-3 Cub after being handed off from an ‘Higgins’ inboard in 1958.

Water skied at 70MPH behind an 1952 Chevy during a flood in 1957.

I have been in some really strange home built aircraft.

Rode a steer.

Was in a 1952 straight 8 Packard.

I have been in three different aircraft when they got real quiet at the wrong time.

Hot air balloon.

On a big box under an helicopter cruising across the county side. I was holding on real good.

In this day and age, it can be considered pretty exotic to use one’s feet for transportation…

I guess the most “exotic” mode of transportation I’ve ever used would be a submarine.

The Monorail at Walt Disney World.

Or you could say the San Francisco Streetcars.

I would say the ferry that goes between Battery Park and Liberty Island. Only boat I’ve ever been on.

The USS Peleliu (LHA-5) on a family day cruise.

A 1968 Mercedes convertible.

Kamik. Otherwise known as dog-sled. I don’t know how exotic that is, given that most of the people I know in the north have ridden and/or driven a team.

A Chinese army transport plane of Russian origin (I think it was some sort of Tupolev).

C-2 launched from the flight deck of USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74).

No fair! That is what I was going to say.

My dad bought Sweetwater TX’s old retired fire truck while I was in high school. Every now and then we’d fire it up and cruise around town looking for fires and such. That was pretty cool.

Oh, Oh!!! I forgot! I took a flight in a Huey as an extra photographer when I first got in the Army. That was a lot of fun.

Depends on your definition of exotic.

  • a camel in Cairo
  • an M-60 Main Battle Tank at Camp LeJeune
  • multitude of other USMC/USN transport thingies (S-3B Viking, C-130, C-141, AmTracks, UH-1, Huey, CH-46, CH-53D, USS Saipan (LHA-2), USS John Rogers (DD-983) various and sundry aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships
  • 1949 Harley Davidson FL Panhead, after I got it running
  • Rickshaw in Guangzhou, China

A hot air balloon and a helicopter.

Like a combo? A hot air bacopter? I bet that was cool.


i liked being a cox for the college boat crew…i felt like a slave driver with 8 of my own little galley slaves…

does that count?

motorized rickshaw

The second floor of the jumbo jet. :smiley:

A raft down the Stikine River during the salmon run – which meant that grizzlies might be sitting in one of the channels swatting fish.
Riverboat from Kinshasa to Kisangani on the Zaire (Congo) River. That was 10 days.
Bicycle from Kasongo to Kisangani through the rain forest; about 500 miles.
Gondola at Park City.

I did a Tri-motor, too. Rode a Harley with a broken frame. That was kinda exciting! Did a hot air ballon. Did a train in the Andes, and also a cable up a glacier there as well. Lots of fancy motorcycles.